You be Kipping?

I took a look at the Labour party yesterday and today we see that not all is well in the ranks and ranges of UKIP either. First to understand the issue, I have to take you back 5 days to an article BBC gave us (at, in my view Nigel Farage killed during the elections, they lost a constituency, but overall they have become contenders in at least half a dozen additional districts, so Nigel Farage is making headway. When I read “I’ve ruled myself out… because I can think of at least half a dozen people who could do a better job“, I wondered, who could. Weirdly enough Douglas Carswell was pretty much the only choice remaining should Nigel Farage truly leave as party leader. I remain with the thoughts I had, the next political big-wig should have an economic degree. In many places (read: nations) some advisors seem to be giving weighted financial/economic advice, the advice is not necessarily wrong, but it is weighted to include personal agenda’s as I see it. The next PM needs to be able to see what is real and what is true, in economics those two are not always aligned.

So now we see the initial acts of Carswell and in addition, now we get two extra pieces. The first one is about the call for Farage to step down (at, now we see the quote “He praised Farage’s “inspirational” campaign, which helped Ukip to win 3.9m votes at the election, but said that the party should reflect on how it should go forward – without Farage as leader“, which does not even sound nice in theory. Nigel Farage IS UKIP, plain and simple. He did not do it alone, but he took the flak, he took the heat and he stood at the first line of the battlefront every single day. Now, we see how Carswell, a snake in my definition, went rogue from the Tory side, now sheltered under UKIP as only remaining MP is seeing his option to take over and turn UKIP down the track into a mellowed independent side to make it all a little more leaning towards conservatives, especially as LD lost the power it did, an amalgamation of those powers would work out well for Carswell. If you think that this is out of the question, then realise the part I voiced earlier in my article ‘the after election party‘ on May 9th 2015. UKIP and LD seem to complement each other, so the step that UKIP turns independent and then see what of the Liberal Democrats Carswell can gain is not a bad option, you see the former conservative could not hack the ‘stairs’ to promotion the old way, so he changed his allegiance and in the by-election got the new coat. Now Carswell seems to have found his way to subterfuge and walk another path to his promoted life. Is this what is actual fact? It is just supposition as I see it from my point of view, yet is that so far-fetched? In addition to the article we need to consider Thursdays news (at, ‘Nigel Farage ‘facing a coup’ over UKIP leadership‘, here we see the quotes “Festering tensions at the heart of the party broke into the open after Patrick O’Flynn, the party’s campaign director, said Farage had turned into a “snarling, thin-skinned and aggressive” man during the election and warned of it turning into a personality cult” and “But a senior UKIP source said he had no doubt that a coup was under way, despite O’Flynn’s claims of loyalty. The source also claimed the deputy chairman, Suzanne Evans, as well as the party’s only MP, Douglas Carswell, and much of the UKIP press office in London appeared to be working together to undermine Farage“, which gives a reasonable indication that we are seeing a change with Carswell at the top and very likely O’Flynn as the new number two guy. Yet, when that happens there will no longer be an UKIP, it will shift towards a more general independent party based on the ‘CarFly’, or is that ‘FlyWell’ philosophy? Whatever name it holds, it will soon enough no longer be UKIP, not what the voters chose at least. I have my issues with Nigel Farage, yet the words on anti-EU are growing faster and faster in the UK, the Greek issue is only one cog in all this, yet it is the most visible one for now.

In all this UKIP will have to adapt to the minority is remains for now, but one where the infighting will become a larger issue. You see, the ‘leaders’ all hoped for a few more seats, which means that the top 5 players had the option for ‘a better life’, but that did not happen, they grew and they remain growing if they play their cards right, but the change is not the one Carswell considered and now he needs to get ahead. There is this old passage that states that it is better to rule in hell then to serve in heaven. This is what seems to be playing out. Will he be successful in playing the game he is?

I would not trust a person playing this game, because he who turns once, will turn again. Nigel Farage inherited this mess as we laid down his sceptre. Even though only one area was lost, implying a loss of 50%, the overall gain is pretty phenomenal. He should not have resigned as such. The fact that the UKIP members still want him is good enough, yet, here wonder what O’Flynn and Carswell opted for. They stated yes, and now they are playing for leadership. It seems that they are now playing with an open deck. This is the game of politics, to some extent we can accept that, but do the voters understand this?

The strongest quote we see comes from Arron Banks, a business man behind Southern Rock Insurance Company and the Brightside group. The quote is ““The truth is that Carswell got 25,000 votes but Nigel got 4m. The rank and file members know that. Nigel got 99.6% of the total votes to Carswell’s 0.4%,” he told the FT. “Patrick needs to look at himself before he goes around criticising others. They should let Nigel have a holiday after a long hard election rather than plotting a coup d’état.”” Arron is closer to the truth than many consider. When you combine the information and quotes from both the Guardian and the BBC, we see a play that puts Douglass Carswell and Patrick O’Flynn in the axis of a subterfuge coated overtake.

Will Nigel Farage rise to the challenge? That remains the question, but he better do it fast and he had better figured out who are the true leaders who believe in his party and who are there to overtake it all (or be in it for whatever selfish reason). As a conservative I will be reasonably happy to see the UKIP danger diminish, yet the way it is happening in is a little less clean. The fact and reality remains that should Nigel overcome the issues, the party will unite and possibly get stronger a lot faster, the players did not consider that, they just looked at the opportunity to take over, they do not wonder on the fallout that follows if they fail.

I have to wonder where UKIP will go to next, it all depends on those who remain standing when the dust settles. In the end, Arron banks stated it clear ‘Nigel got 4,000,000 votes‘, so Nigel should move visibly and vocally to settles his party. That’s just my view on this situation.

If you are a UKIP member, then you answer to yourself: ‘where do you truly stand?’



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