Short Stories, part 1

The Newspaper, the cross and the arrow

Today is not about a big issue, today according to some it is a moment of a few small issues. Like for example the Washington Post and the act of what some call Misogynous pre-emptive striking. Many might have seen the ‘gender symbol mix-up‘ (at and as such nearly all posts that I did see I saw, the mention “erroneously published“. The mention of blunder with the additional mention of a quick apology. The press seems to be leaving it alone. What I see is a form of misogyny, an intentional quick jab for free publicity. The question is how high it goes up the ladder. It might mention Washington Post, yet it still is a tabloid. So did this act go all the way into Nash Holdings LLC? Was Jeff Bezos aware and involved, or does it end with his editor?

You see, this is not some empty accusation. When you look at the images, the front cover is clearly a high end art work. The circle is the indicator, the virtual people are in an identical setting, with the two elements the male arrow and the female cross. These two parts rely on shadows and the characters seem to have a lower resolution.










I added one part for you to decide. So, as I see it, the fact that both artworks existed implied that they seem to both have been prepared. This conclusion comes forward as the Male was the original (read: initial) artwork, so the entire symbol should have been of much higher quality and resolution, that apart from the text that implies clearly a female march and whichever art designer cannot tell the difference between male and female symbol should never be hired ever again.

In the second there is my experience in this line of work and any issue that passes by any editor without proofs being viewed and approved is just not a realistic part, so as I see it this ‘error’ was intentional and from my logic and experience, the editor must have been in on it. The more news coverage is see with the word ‘mistakenly‘ the more anger I am actually feeling. The fact that the rest of the media is not all over these ‘mistakes’ (besides calling them mistakes) is beyond me and the fact that the Washington Post is now linked and part of these events is even more baffling. I reckon that next week Nash Holdings LLC, more important Jeff Bezos who shelled out a quarter of a billion for the newspaper will most certainly take another look if their value got impacted and I wonder what will happen to the editorial staff of the Washington Post Express. On the other side, at least one newspaper in the US did start the New Year with a little noise of a scandalous nature.


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