The upcoming war was decided years ago

The upcoming war was decided last year. Yet, we get the times that we get so called console wars like ‘PlayStation 5 v Xbox Scarlett: the next console war begins in 2020‘ beginners in this console war might find that this is the ‘important’ war to meet. The people already involved in this war have decided that their word is already spoken, it started in November 2011, some stages were fought, some were decided and a few details were (with help from the media) absconded and there were a few limits out held in ways that we might find gross, but the media merely states that the media as a stakeholder had a job to do, and the winner is PlayStation.

Nov 2012: news was not added to the script, giving Sony a grievous added benefit.

The diverse staining of gamers is becoming a notion and Microsoft get tainted by its own board of directors, they also move the field in a subsequent lousy pattern, the hiatus of gamers begin, Microsoft loses a 35% calculated group, between those who will not and should not go, all due to the publication hampering fields of TV. Added groups get no choice in the matter, the ‘online only’ bullying group stand firm, the setting is not retrieved, only accentuated.

Apr 2012: PS4 sets another glorifying move

The Microsoft Xbox move ahead as the same speed, with the same issues hampering it, it is now called ‘the most powerful console‘, the people are in a moving group, what must be awful they connect together, yet as the group is merely moving its own the group sees new stuff, yet there are delaying factors and whenever Crackdown 3 is shown, the people go ‘Look at this’, but the groups in PS4 shuttles grow, and they say: ‘look at this [God of War 4]’, ‘look at this [Spiderman]’, ‘look at this [Horizon Zero Dawn]’, ‘look at this [xxxxx]’, The uniquely playable games do not stop and that is before Death Stranding and before Cyberpunk. Cyberpunk is not limited to one or the other, but it shows the viewing of the game better in Sony then Microsoft.

In the mean while we see Xbox go their own malfeasance and add the ‘Become an ambassador‘ stage, they now needs the field players to become ambassadors for them. So far there is no act because the dead need no stage. Whilst in the meantime Nintendo is beating the most powerful console in the lists becoming number two, after PlayStation with a system that is not able to use such graphics, so as stated the powerful console by a game machine that is nowhere near as powerful. Microsoft does not wake up to this.

That is where Xbox is now at, at number three with the most powerful system, it is dead last.

Thank you for playing!

The next war

The next war will be in 2024 when it will be Xbox and if it could jump up by selling 500,000 consoles. This is not a fight for actual numbers; it is a marketing way of finding a new form of release. They cannot increase numbers, that has been established, their marketing firm has pushed ‘critical thinking’ to a new pathfinder.

Let’s take a look at the current numbers, well there are no real numbers anymore with Xbox, they said that these numbers are fatal flaws and the magazines give us: ‘Xbox One sales have slowed to a crawl as the current gen wanes‘. They have to find a new keystroke number, as there are too many voices within Microsoft all howling the same voice: “When you aren’t number one, make sure the population figures on something else”

That flaw is any good when there are aren’t any numbers to crow about. And Sony does have a lot of numbers to give, their console is a first. Nintendo makes large headways in the console era and they are now number one growing the gap between Xbox and Nintendo at present. They also have a software sale online that Microsoft and Sony are envious of.

So goes the next war.

Now Xbox needs a new voice, the old voices in the department are to be silenced, and the numbers need to go back and reveal the stopgap, maybe then. Only if the numbers hold up will there be an age of Scarlett, otherwise it is a temporary group of people, mainly the current Xbox wielding group, but not any new players.

The announced war of 2020 will falter, it goes to PS5, who will grow from the PS4 numbers and the Xbox disappointed members, and there is a deciding war that is over before it began.

Nintendo stays around, it will be number 2 from the very beginning, and it will not waiver during the battle, only in 2024 will there by a war possible between Xbox and PS6, it will be possible due to the rules of change and challenge, if only Microsoft brought the challenging booklet of numbers with them, well then there is a change they could win it. That is if PS5 does not open new frontiers, if so Microsoft is out of the gaming industry forever.

And in 2024 there will be 5 players, the question then is, who will be playing together and who will not. Supposedly what will Xbox be at?

Situation 1

Situation 2

5. Apple 5. Apple
4. Google 4. Xbox.
3. Xbox. 3. Google.
2. Nintendo. 2. Nintendo.
1. Playstration 1. Playstration


We will find out when the market is done playing a marketed game of better console, against a crowd that does not understand business intelligence; they go for the most fun playing. Then Microsoft will set its own answer, it is that simple. In whatever state this is coming is soon to be distilled, but the console war of next year was won by Sony, this was decided in 2013.







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