Reality is a lot more scary

Yes, this is not some setting of new IP, not some setting of a new game or even a setting of financial woes that we are about to face, it is about something a lot more scary. It is not something that is new or anticipated. It comes with the certainty when you decide on a 25,000ft drop and you realise 5 seconds after the start the you are wearing a backpack and not a parachute. That is the stage we find ourselves in now, we are at the beginning of the drop and if only we decided to act in the last two decades, the setting would be different, but we decided to listen and give power to the greed driven, so now we have a new setting.

If we want mankind to survive, we are now in a stage where we have to put 96.4% to death, no delays, not let’s filter out the pretty people, the clever people and the wise people. Even if we put 100% of ALL adults to death, we are not done, we still have too many survivors, as such we will have to kill 20% of all the children in the world. The is what your inaction forced to come to term. And if for some reason, no matter how valid that not all adults should get their life ended, the amount of children the will have to die grows increasingly from the 20% in case one.

That is what our inactions have gotten us, no matter the news we suppressed on the dozens of animals all now extinct, no matter the bylines of the dozens of plants no longer in existence. Some might have seen the news on a ‘radical’ David Attenborough, the extinction of Koala’s, whales and we see more and more sharks dead on the shores. The list becomes larger and the extinction of us might have to start with the current generation of people. And it was the Guardian a week ago the gave us ‘40% of world’s plant species at risk of extinction’ (at, 40% might be a bit much, but if it holds true, this generation will see the direct result of inaction, the direct result of politicians catering to big business, to people catering to exploitation of nature and we remained inactive, like the couch potato’s we clearly are. So when I am stating the 96.4% of the people have to die, it is not a bad joke, it is not some stage of speciality of the situation, it is merely the grim reality caused through the inaction go us. And if you think that my words of euphemism are an exaggeration, consider “The UN revealed last week that the world’s governments failed to meet a single target to stem biodiversity losses in the last decade”, so we did not miss a target, or miss a number, we missed ALL targets and milestones for at least a decade. Can you comprehend the situation when global governments ALL fall 100%, can you grasp the impact of inaction? So when I say that 96.4% of all people needs to die, I might well be the one who is optimistic. There is every chance that the goal of 97.2% is actually the realistical side, not the pessimistic side. All due to inaction and do not blame one government, one white house, one House of Lords or one Monarchy, they all failed, all the time, consistently for well over a decade. How is inaction grabbing you now? 

In addition, we see two numbers that age the setting, the first is “In 2019, Nic Lughadha reported that 571 species had been wiped out since 1750, although the true number was likely to be much higher”, and the second one is “The 2016 State of Plants report found one in five were threatened, but the new analysis reveals the real risk to be much higher. The main cause of plant losses is the destruction of wild habitat to create farmland”, as such, we have been ransacking nature since 1750, optionally longer. Did you think that we could escape such consequences? And lets be direct, when we clean up this planet of us, whatever remains will have to find a balance with hundreds of life forms and thousands of plants less, the impact of that might be someone ignores, but I reckon it is too late, we destroyed ourselves in the end. I wonder if Walter Crawford Kelly, cartoonist and creator of Pogo and animator to several Disney movies ever considered how right he was when he stated ‘We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us’. It is a setting we created, so as I see the twilight come our way, I merely put the IP I created in the digital trashcan, and it deletes the dream of a life in Monaco I will never have (and never would have had), and I will let it all unfold, I will let it all end in inaction. As numbers go, this is not a stage where we get to have additional options, we ignored the options for too long and now none remain.

And as we see optimism with statement like “the world’s population is expected to rise to 10 billion by 2050”, I personally do not think we have the much time left. We are already short on supplies to a much larger degree, and those who are trying to hide this, will not be able to do so for much longer. if we want to be alive in 2050, we better find a way to create some extinction event the dies out 50% of the population, and this comes with one very disturbing setting. For every 1% of the animals and plants lost at the event, another 3% of people needs to be made deleted from existence. We are now in  setting where only the short sighted think that we can escape what is coming. 


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