Creativity & insomnia

Yup, a different side of it all and it is highly speculative. I am the only test case of me and as my brain goes into creativity mode, insomnia seemingly sets in. You see, one source states that gamma-aminobutyric acid is essential and when it drops below levels, it blacks things and insomnia sets in. I reckon the when the brain goes into overdrive in creation (not when you get heavy with a beautiful woman and you wonder whether it is real), a similar process seemingly occurs and I am speculating that the insomnia is the brains way to stop being overly creative. It is merely a though and it is highly speculative, but there it is.

I came up with a new idea, it is not really new IP, but it would be innovative IP and overall it set a different scope, it sets the scope of personal settings. We all have the part, even if we do not admit this to ourselves. As such, I had one idea, that grows into another and another and another and the stage is seemingly set to a much higher stage. This might result in an innovative patent, but the links and the stage around it is a separate patent, a full patent. It is for me not bout the patents, not bout the age, but one must think oneself at times. And as I pondered the situation, it could over time become an additional setting to two stage identification, optionally setting a stage of two plus identification, one automated, one not. And it is not merely about 4G and 5G, it is about a stage that cannot be identified yet, the technology is not ready, but I am getting head of myself. I saw a stage for a new idea and soon thereafter the idea was thought out, but then I wondered what happens when we want to keep things private? What happens when things are for our eyes only? What if you have a picture of your bride on your desk, but you want the lingerie shot to be there just to remind you to go home on time? We have a lot of that now, there are all kinds of digital frames, yet the setting we do not see is what happens when we have a digital dog tag, that merely unlocks the other shot when we are less than 2 meters away. More important the digital can be a dog tag, it can be sub-dermal.

And the tag can hold any kind of encryption keys. Consider that a tag so small that it can hold well over 100 complex codes, a stage we are already moving towards, yet until it is active with all people, the dog-tag option will have to do. Even now as you look at how small the nanoSD card is, the largest component here are the connectors, when you realise that in a closed system, it becomes a weird stage where the security part will be the largest part, not the CPU or storage. And even as I got here via a mere photo frame. The stage for larger needs is optionally getting dressed. The console that will not allow your profile to work until you are there, no matter where you are. A sage where the dog tag is optionally one part of the id check when you pay bills over a certain amount. Some of it is already in play, some of it is already here, but the stage where systems rely on the presence of the dog-tag are largely missing and the part is one of the settings that I see coming in 5G, so much more data, also sets the stage of so much unused bandwidth. Yet the business world is largely uncaring of additional security and privacy, they merely want the stage of more push towards consumerism, the big tech companies are in part cause of that, in part they merely facilitate to those with the limited mindset.

Yet we must continue the good fight (to coin a phrase), we will get into a stage where larger id-checks and better privacy is essential for all. So how did we get here from a simple photo frame? It all started with the need with to protect what was ours and create a shell of privacy and security around it. We automatically do that to family it is in our nature, but we all seemingly forget that family is more than a body of flesh, they are memories, they are acknowledgements and they are anticipated responses, too much of that is now present in data, as such that data requires and deserves a lot more protection than it is currently getting. It is not merely our bank accounts and our gamer scores that require protection, it is basically all that is around us that requires protection, the art we dive into, the images of us, our memories and all that we touch, all that we feel and all that we remember, the photo frame  brings it to the surface, yet it all is set on a wider stage, a stage we still ignore. If you consider that wrong and if you have a mobile, look at it, look at it now. It is not a mobile, is it? It is your music, they are your contacts, it is your social media actions, they are your photographs and optionally your credit cards. It is your personal data server and you have no idea what you leave in the open day after day. It is as reprehensible like leaving your car unlocked and leaving the keys in the car. How long until you lose your car? Your personal data server is pretty much the same thing, the group of people who can exploit it is a massive amount smaller, because most lack the skills and those who can are more often than not not interested in you, but in 5G that will change, you will within 2 years be duplicated, your id token, your accounts emptied and your photos will all be handed to social media as a mere laugh. The is what awaits all. You still think that this is a jest? Consider that in 2019, 650,570 or 20 percent of all complaints, were related to identity theft. Identity theft claims fell from 2015 to 2017 by 24 percent but began to increase again in 2018 and were up 46 percent from 2018 to 2019 (source: Insurance Information Institute). That is now, in 5G with 10 times the access, the numbers will really roll over and the law is nowhere near ready. So what do you think will happen? Your insurance covers it? Consider how much you get hen you tell them the you left your keys in the stolen car? You get zilch (which is almost nada, or nothing), and that is where we see ourselves, mere losses, no chance of getting back what we lost and lets not forget, once we hand over our memories, everyone has them and our value merely plummets. So as we see ourselves in the stage looking at our photo frame, the image that was for us only, so how long did you think that this will last? The only picture that is private is the one we make with our eyes and brain nd that is soon under debate too.

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