Was it looked at?

I just had an idea, an idea that might be big, especially for the art world. You see, nearly EVERY house in the western world has a space, that is used in a limited way, and as I personally see it every electronics giant overlooked the application. 

No matter what size, no matter what brand, they always have the option to set the larger stage. The idea hit me when I was looking at photo’s of a house today and I noticed something, I noticed it because the image showed two walls. Consider a living room, they all have a TV, some have huge TV’s. So what happens when the TV turns off and it becomes a work of art? The TV screen could still show the household a work of art. And the larger application might be huge, Art houses, art libraries and makers of art themselves. Whether you get the option to a file from a museum, from an art house or even a painter, the TV is the largest unused space for a larger set of time, especially when you have visitors, would you want to show a large piece of empty space, a black rectangle sometimes up to 85” diagonally, or would you like to show the image of art by Botticelli, Monet, Picasso, Fabritius, Vermeer, Canaletto? I am a little surprised that the stage is not yet out there, not when TV’s had the option to connect to the net for 5-8 years now. 

Michael Whitehead

And for some reason Google should have been in top of this, an app with settings form TV, laptop and desktop should have been there. Which gets me to the anger that Fucking Microsoft gives me by hijacking my Google Chrome on iPad, close to a dozen times a day now. That bloody ‘Bing’ logo instead of my trusted G logo. That is for another day (sooner than they think), I merely wonder if it was considered, especially when you see a black rectangle sized 188.2 cm by 105.9 cm, why would it have to be black space? I never considered it until today, in my case when I am not home, I do not particularly care on what it shows, but tens of millions of these rooms in Europe alone have families and why should they look at a black rectangle?

Just a thought


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