It started in a few ways, one of them was a game called Idle Necromancer. Even with the few glitches (one actual whopper of a bug), the game was fun for two days. Then the issues hit, the same over and over, grinding towards nowhere. You see, in RPG we accept grinding. Grinding can be a simple way to get the equipment you are looking for and we all have our locations. For me it was the Rockmilk Cave in Oblivion. Two groups fighting each other, decent loot and its segmentation made it easy to clean house. In Skyrim it was the Halted Stream Camp, a few opponents, good loot, iron ore and tusks. All a person in dire need of funds and resources needs. We all look for the easy grind and over time we need bigger places to get the experience points. Grinding has its pay-off, and when there is no payoff? It stops pretty quick and in this Idle Necromancer has a lot of changes it needs to do (and fix a massive bug), but the irritating part is that the game looks good, has optionally a challenge and almost no advertisements, so I do hope they fix it because this is one of those games that could have a very long life. I would think that they would add a few sides to the game, scenery (101 levels of identical scenery will not work), you need to level all the creatures, so in stead of clicking on each type 1000 times (my monsters were level 1000 on day 2), having a level selection button (1/10/50) would not be a bad idea. The music was really nice, yet there too alterations might make it more enticing, the music was nice, but the idea (to take a page from Fur Fighters), setting the melody in the song to whatever creature is dominant (it makes sense when you played the game) is not a bad idea, optionally, certain instruments are added as you unlock more creatures. It sounds like a lot, but it is not, the larger problem is that you are grinding to nowhere, that is the actual issue. Wave after wave, redoing it and licking to add levels to your creatures. They could take a page from Diablo and let the stage start that at times loot boxes drop with equipment for the necromancer. Have the scenery in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, optionally altering the music slightly. Moreover, the dead do not care about the weather, but it could be used to set a hindrance to a creature. In winter the FrankenZombie might become slower, in Summer Ghosts and Wraiths lose power faster and so on. All small changes that change the game by a lot. Optionally every 10 waves a boss group, or a village that has a lot more opponents (with the optional treasure). All options someone might notice on day one. Yet the game remains enticing. This was all good and nice, but it is not about a free game, it set the old noggin in motion and as I was contemplating that the thought of ‘Life imitating art’ came to me and from there the ‘Why does art not imitate life?’ thought came. There is an old statistical saying. If there is significance in Factorial results, there cannot be any discriminant results.

Say what now?
In factor we go from an interval to a result group, in Discriminant we go from a group to an interval. Yet the link does not work BOTH ways. If a factor succeeds, a discriminant test will fail and vice versa. Oversimplified it means that  incomes could determine what gender receives it, but a gender cannot be the foundation to the income. It is oversimplified, but I need to in this case.

Yes, I see that you are confused and it will get worse soon enough. You see, I saw the news pass by on Dave Chapelle and Netflix. Now, I do not particularly care about Dave Chapelle. I have not seen his shows and let’s face it there only one true comedian (Jimmy Carr, I had to go there). Comedy is set to the watcher, we like it, we tolerate it or we loath it. It is often in several settings, it is how we are wired. So when I saw headlines like ‘Netflix workers walk out over Dave Chappelle special The Closer’ and I wondered what was going on. So I read some of the stuff (I did not watch the show) and I took notice of Mike Bary who gives us “Yes, there is freedom of speech, but you don’t have to be mean when you make jokes. I think Dave Chappelle, a funny person, needs to understand a little more about the jokes he’s making and how they can affect people” In this there are two sides. For one, comedy comes in all forms and sizes, offensive, the other kind and several flavours in between. When it comes to gays, lesbians and trans people everyone has their own station, some accept it, some love it, some do not care (that would be me) and some hate it. Now in this case there is a chance that Dave Chappelle is catering to the not so positive group and is that a problem? The easy way is to switch the channel if you do not like it. There are comedians that do not come to my screen, some aren’t even funny, some are but I do not get their humour, we all have that. The problem with the left slighted people is that they attack whatever does not play their tune. Why is that? The article (and a few others) already gave us “Mr Sarandos said Chappelle’s language did not cross the line into inciting violence” and why would he? It is similar with abortions, the pro-life group is at the very end of one stick and the other team take on the other extreme. I believe that there is a need for abortion, I think it happens too often and some see it as a cure (which it is not) and the pro-lifers are all about zero abortions. They are allowed to have that view, but they seem to be actively aggressive to whomever does not follow THEIR point of view. The attacks on abortion clinics is clear evidence. These elements now go into a bucket to be stirred because there is a larger stage to come. You see, it now sets the stage that I created with the earlier mentioned settings. You see, we forget that all the Political Correctness BS is a stage that pushes insincerity and outright lies into the open. We need to take a page from gaming. There are stages that are different, we are not all the same (and we never ill be) and sometimes life is too much like a game, we grind our hours and we go nowhere. Now consider the Idle Necromancer issues and the stage of discriminant analyses. We need a new key in gaming. One that might be as simple as the stage where actions of the player, as well as the character played might give a stage that the game alters whether a man or a woman plays the game. We are not the same and we forgot to coin that prospect into revenue. We see terms like ‘Women friendly games’ but are they? Is a makeover game girl friendly? 

What if an RPG becomes intelligent enough to capture the players actions and can then determine the gender (beyond the play style) of the player and alter the game play accordingly? And it is not merely gender, it is also the stage of a junior versus a senior gamer, a defensive versus an offensive player. All elements that can unfold to shape a game, not shape the gamer according to the story of the character. And as it was with Chappelle some will not like it, some will complain and cry like a chihuahua. But there will be a group that will enjoy that game evolution. As I stated, the problem with Ubisoft is that they were about pleasing everyone. If you do that you end up not satisfying anyone. The games we play are the ones we are attracted to, the ones that challenge us and I believe that the best challenges are given by games that are open enough to evolve the game and the story according to the playing party. This is not a new thought, but only now are consoles strong enough to cater to that setting and with Streaming systems evolving that stage will become important, a lot more important than anyone can understand at present. We are being bullied into some flaky form of Political correctness that is neither political or correct, gaming is an outlet, so let’s use that form to challenge the people to a whole new form of gaming. One that alters (read: adjusts) as the player plays. At present it has never been done before so there will be a first. 

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