Schrem, son of Shrek

I recently (2-3 hours ago) woke up from being asleep at the wheel. Not a car, or a boat, or a plane (which tends to have an autopilot), no my mind overlooked a little thing. I initially saw the article ‘Meta threatens to pull Facebook and Instagram from Europe if it can’t share data with the US’, and I was in a state of ‘Yea, whatever!’ And it was only this afternoon when the cogs started to rumble to signal opportunity. You see, the setting of “The comments are in relation to the Schrems II decision, which is a key ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union which, in July 2020, declared the Privacy Shield, the EU/S personal data transfer mechanism was no longer lawful. The Privacy Shield is US law that provided US authorities with the right to collect personal data about EU data subjects without, the Court says, adequate safeguards. Further, the judgement states EU data subjects lacked effective means to seek redress against the US Government” It took a while for the brain to kick in (and kick me), yet it works for me. It implies that the value of my 5G IP goes through the roof (if Amazon buys it) and the second part of this (10% of IP and sales value) implies that I could optionally become a hell of a lot richer than ever thought before. 

So the car you see above would suddenly not be an illusion. Yet why?
You see, Neom (Saudi Arabia) set a change in motion, before 2030 marketing will take a massive turn to the left, as will retail power. As 5G will take its toll on cybercrime, I created a dampening effect, it will not stop everything, but it will stop a lot. 

Consider a pyramid The pyramid you see is the result. In the old setting the yellow part is red and all that is red is what hackers get access to, one way or another. I am taking a part away, the new solution will revoke hackers access to the yellow part and that is the gain. The gain might be bigger, but that is speculation (as is the current part), but this setting will save people (banks too) billions and Schrems II adds to this part in a few ways. You see, my system was retail based, now it becomes locally based (which I have been saying a few times in the past), but I had not considered Schrems 2, because it was not on my mind. I was all about the customer, I did not consider that the larger data stages would work in my favour (and optionally in this case Amazon too). 

The larger stage will still work and in this case it will be beneficial for whomever has it, but it is not. Stage that was build FOR Schrem 2, or CONSIDERING Schrem 2. It merely works in my favour and that is the difference between this transport and the one you saw earlier. 

And until the IP is sold, that is how I remain travelling (for now), in a car with chauffeur. But at times, life throws you a curveball that homes in on the bat and that is the benefit we all hope for and I am no different in that case. 


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