The path overlooked

It is not some highway, it is. path, optionally regarded as a dirt road and we all overlook it. I did too, it was when I was dabbling with some arcane glyphs that the path opened to me, it was not some simple path, it has curves, it has a few potholes but it leads to billions (intentional plural). A stage I never considered and many with me represents billions and it is there for the taking. Amazon is the clearest path, but Google could wander onto that path too. Either stands to take home billions, but the one who wanders there first will have a clear advantage. Because it is all linked to resources and resources when gone are just gone. So there will be one clear winner and if I had to put money on either, I reckon it would most likely be Amazon. In the era of a new Xena we see the stage go from Hippolyta to whomever becomes the new militant wench. As stated, Amazon has a clear advantage here and I am refraining to write it all down here.  Simple, if it is a really good idea, you do not give it away for free. But I am not greed driven. So whomever buys the first IP bundle (which is priced at $50,000,000, including the Canada clause) gets this idea separately for 5% of the IP and trade value, no fee required for this IP but it is linked to the first bundle which allows the owner to sell 50,000,000 consoles with one software idea. That makes it $1 per console, there is of course a 10% IP and sales value linked to the first and second bundle, but that is fair dinkum. And because I believe in fairness, Microsoft cannot apply, they miss out. They are now in a position to prove that I was wrong, that they know what they are doing. Of course they do not and I will prove I am right, but the taste is so much sweeter when Microsoft ends up in 5th position with their console, behind Sony, Nintendo, Amazon and Google. The smell of my victory is nearly there and that is merely the beginning. I need to do nothing about their Surface thingamajig, Apple took care of that giggle. I need not act on their cloud solution, Amazon with AWS is already way past them there. I merely need to hand Adobe their incentive plan and Microsoft will lose a chunk of their 365 cloud office and they will lose more soon thereafter. It is not that they missed a path, they missed highway after highway and their marketing spin will not safe them now. Just the idea of setting the boulder dash in motion and that is not all, the new idea will add a whole lot more losses to some, particularly those who are not part of that solution. Billions upon billions and merely lost because no one was actually looking. And make no mistake, I missed that path just as much as all the others, but I am there now and the others are not. So am I merely late to the party, or am I about to become a trendsetter? I honestly do not know, but it is not out in the open, so I might be a trendsetter. I will let the buyer decide.


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