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This all started the day before I wrote ‘Comedy Capers it is not’ (at https://lawlordtobe.com/2022/04/19/comedy-capers-it-is-not/) a week ago. It was about an abduction that had the Canadian police in a twist. I reckon that this is a case that almost no police force has ever seen before, so there was no blame, there were no real issues, it was one of those weird events that make no sense. I get that. So I was quite surprised to see (at https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ex-boyfriend-elnaz-hajtamiri-private-investigator-1.6427398) where we are treated to ‘Elnaz Hajtamiri’s ex-boyfriend hired a private investigator to watch her before Wasaga Beach abduction’, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Clowns) gives us “The former boyfriend of Elnaz Hajtamiri hired a private investigator to keep tabs on her location in the days and weeks before she was violently abducted from Wasaga Beach, Ont., on Jan. 12, CBC News has learned”, as well as “Investigations Plus Ltd. conducted surveillance of missing woman at 2 locations in December and January” and to be honest the very first thought I had was “What kind of a loser is Elnaz Hajtamiri?” More important, in light of what has transpired, why did Investigations Plus Ltd. not inform the police MONTHS ago? And in all this the statement “One of the sources said investigators with the firm conducted surveillance on Jan. 10 and 11 outside the Wasaga Beach home where Hajtamiri was staying with relatives. An investigator, however, was called off on the morning of Jan. 12, the source says — the same day three men dressed in police gear forced their way into the house and abducted the 37-year-old Iranian immigrant.” Makes me wonder if Investigations Plus Ltd. could possibly be involved. They conduct surveillance, they get called OFF the job ON THE DAY she gets kidnapped and no one in Investigations Plus Ltd. wonders what on earth is going on? There were issues with the THREE trackers, but does the police know who owns these trackers? Are they all owned by Investigations Plus Ltd.? Questions are forming in my mind and the setting that Investigations Plus Ltd. kept the police in the dark for months is a rather large one, especially when we learn that they got called OFF the job that very same day and that is also a matter that that requires a lot of thought on what Mohamad Lilo had been up to. Especially as (I personally reckon) she ended the relationship in October 2021. As such, Mohamad Lilo hires a detective months later? What a loser! 

Now, we can blame some police members, but it would be wrong. I reckon that they will have to hold a rather large limelight on Investigations Plus Ltd. and their activities and also why no one from there made ANY mention of the investigation. In addition there are the trackers and who owned them (the timeline of the trackers) becomes a larger item in this. And more important where they all owned by Investigations Plus Ltd.? 

As I read the article, I see question after question come forward, and I reckon that they are on the mind of Ontario provincial police detective inspector Martin Graham, in addition to this, I reckon that there will be a lot of questions on the investigators (at https://investigationsplusltd.com) You see “We are dynamic professionals with a flair for solving complex cases that has been recognised by the insurance industry, law firms, large corporations, small businesses.” I reckon they forgot about the part of “losers and stalkers who might have criminal intent” I reckon it should be on their website, so if you want to become a part of that ‘renowned team’ you might need to reconsider what kind of work you could get involved in. And if you wonder why my view is so negative, the idea that investigators keep silent for this amount of time is a very different setting and anyone making claims towards ‘confidentiality of the client’ in a case that could involve them in capital crimes is debatable to say the least. 

Detective inspector Martin Graham had no chance from the start, the dice were weighted and stacked against him. Several factors are not adding up and the police is not to blame here. But we should all keep our eyes on Investigations Plus Ltd. Their setting is definitely not on the up and up as I personally see it. But that is it, it is merely my view on the matter.


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