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Not about the milk

This is a weird story, there is no realism involved (other than that the locations exist), the whole event woke me up and the reason remains unknown to me. I have been thinking of season 2 of the grandson of Hades and I have a few ideas but that is not what stopped me today (at 03:30). The event takes place at the Canadian consulate at Harrington St, The Rocks NSW. I was walking in for some unknown reason and there was a blonde, a gorgeous healthily shaped blonde and it was not herself that took my attention, it was her T-shirt. It was a sort of golden yellow with a white icon (see below)

The icon kept on taking my attention and a few moments later the woman got up lifted her T-shirt (a spectacular view to say the least) and my puzzled look got to her. Is that not what you were looking for? I told her it was the icon, she could not tell me what it was because the T-shirt was a gift. So there I was trying to figure out what I was staring at. The symbol you see is almost what it looks like, it is as close as my wake mind can capture. The back of my mind has a reference to Ontario grain farmers, but I do not know any. At present I have not yet visited Ontario. So why does this bother me, why is this calling to me? It was not bout the woman (yet she was breathtakingly good looking) I cannot find any reference to the symbol or where I might have seen it before, Google was actually no help at all, so I am awake before 5 am and the reason eludes me. So here I am drinking my glass of milk (too early for coffee now) and I am smitten with the puzzle my mind gives me. Now I will probably lose most of the day trying to figure out the symbol and in the end it will be meaningless (one can only hope) and it will not have any relationship to anything I am doing. What a way to start Friday.

Well, this is me trying to get some more sleep, I’ll write more later readers.

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Loser investigations unlimited

This all started the day before I wrote ‘Comedy Capers it is not’ (at https://lawlordtobe.com/2022/04/19/comedy-capers-it-is-not/) a week ago. It was about an abduction that had the Canadian police in a twist. I reckon that this is a case that almost no police force has ever seen before, so there was no blame, there were no real issues, it was one of those weird events that make no sense. I get that. So I was quite surprised to see (at https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ex-boyfriend-elnaz-hajtamiri-private-investigator-1.6427398) where we are treated to ‘Elnaz Hajtamiri’s ex-boyfriend hired a private investigator to watch her before Wasaga Beach abduction’, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Clowns) gives us “The former boyfriend of Elnaz Hajtamiri hired a private investigator to keep tabs on her location in the days and weeks before she was violently abducted from Wasaga Beach, Ont., on Jan. 12, CBC News has learned”, as well as “Investigations Plus Ltd. conducted surveillance of missing woman at 2 locations in December and January” and to be honest the very first thought I had was “What kind of a loser is Elnaz Hajtamiri?” More important, in light of what has transpired, why did Investigations Plus Ltd. not inform the police MONTHS ago? And in all this the statement “One of the sources said investigators with the firm conducted surveillance on Jan. 10 and 11 outside the Wasaga Beach home where Hajtamiri was staying with relatives. An investigator, however, was called off on the morning of Jan. 12, the source says — the same day three men dressed in police gear forced their way into the house and abducted the 37-year-old Iranian immigrant.” Makes me wonder if Investigations Plus Ltd. could possibly be involved. They conduct surveillance, they get called OFF the job ON THE DAY she gets kidnapped and no one in Investigations Plus Ltd. wonders what on earth is going on? There were issues with the THREE trackers, but does the police know who owns these trackers? Are they all owned by Investigations Plus Ltd.? Questions are forming in my mind and the setting that Investigations Plus Ltd. kept the police in the dark for months is a rather large one, especially when we learn that they got called OFF the job that very same day and that is also a matter that that requires a lot of thought on what Mohamad Lilo had been up to. Especially as (I personally reckon) she ended the relationship in October 2021. As such, Mohamad Lilo hires a detective months later? What a loser! 

Now, we can blame some police members, but it would be wrong. I reckon that they will have to hold a rather large limelight on Investigations Plus Ltd. and their activities and also why no one from there made ANY mention of the investigation. In addition there are the trackers and who owned them (the timeline of the trackers) becomes a larger item in this. And more important where they all owned by Investigations Plus Ltd.? 

As I read the article, I see question after question come forward, and I reckon that they are on the mind of Ontario provincial police detective inspector Martin Graham, in addition to this, I reckon that there will be a lot of questions on the investigators (at https://investigationsplusltd.com) You see “We are dynamic professionals with a flair for solving complex cases that has been recognised by the insurance industry, law firms, large corporations, small businesses.” I reckon they forgot about the part of “losers and stalkers who might have criminal intent” I reckon it should be on their website, so if you want to become a part of that ‘renowned team’ you might need to reconsider what kind of work you could get involved in. And if you wonder why my view is so negative, the idea that investigators keep silent for this amount of time is a very different setting and anyone making claims towards ‘confidentiality of the client’ in a case that could involve them in capital crimes is debatable to say the least. 

Detective inspector Martin Graham had no chance from the start, the dice were weighted and stacked against him. Several factors are not adding up and the police is not to blame here. But we should all keep our eyes on Investigations Plus Ltd. Their setting is definitely not on the up and up as I personally see it. But that is it, it is merely my view on the matter.

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Comedy Capers it is not

There was news in the Guardian (at https://www.theguardian.com/weather/2022/apr/14/iranian-born-woman-fake-officers-elnaz-hajtamiri-canadian-police) almost a week ago. I saw it yesterday and it has me baffled. There is no wrongdoing by the police, there is no wrongdoing by the media, yet something is off. Consider ‘Case of Iranian-born woman abducted by fake officers baffles Canadian police’. The message there is “On a cold winter night, three armed men disguised as police officers arrived at a suburban home in a small Canadian resort town and knocked on the door, claiming that they had an arrest warrant for a 37-year-old woman who was staying there.” The situation is weird and brazen, but not in a good way and as we are given “Nearly three months later, police admit they are no closer to locating Hajtamiri, in a case that has baffled investigators” we want to blame someone, but who? The police did no wrong and with ““I have never, never come across a case like this,” Ontario provincial police detective inspector Martin Graham told reporters this week, adding that investigators had not determined a motive or received any ransom demands. They also have not located the white Lexus SUV vehicle used in the abduction on 12 January, nor have they identified its owner.” We see a different field, and there is no blame, but it seems to me that Elnaz Hajtamiri had caught the eye of someone. Either from her past, or towards someone else’s future. We all would want to be the sleuth, the Sherlock that hands the police the answers they seek, but that is unlikely to come. The fact that the White Lexus is not found implies that it was not stolen, or the owner was optionally aware of what was going on. So how many white Lexus SUV’s are there in Ontario? There will be a few, but these ruddy things go for more than $50K, so if none are missing through theft it becomes a larger game, then there is the setting that any owner of a white Lexus SUV might have gone skiing in Whistler and when they returned the car was where they left it, as such no alarm was raised. 

It did give me an idea for a new piece of IP, but more about that later. 

All these facts tend to give me the feeling that this was not some simple abduction, it was a targeted event. So why was Elnaz Hajtamiri important to some? I can make some empty gesture, I can make some claim, but that would be folly. The Canadian police is more than able, and when we see that they never face this before gives rise to this being more than a unique thing. It was as I personally see it either a very old crime or a very new one, but I keep on brooding on who could profit of her disappearance. It is easy to accuse Riyasat Singh and I do not know if he is a party of interest for the police, it could be, I do not know. I am wondering on “Two other tracking devices were found in her car when she brought the vehicle in for servicing in November.” You see, if it was as simple as a jealous ex, or boyfriend we see the reason for one of these trackers, it is the second (and third) tracker that is the issue and it makes me believe that she was an intentional target, but for what reason, I do not know. There was a third device, so it leaves me with questions. There is little about these devices, so it can go in every direction, but they are the clue I am brooding on. Not merely what they were, but where they came from, where ordered, when ordered and what was mapped. All questions that remain in the dark, but I keep on wondering, because 3 devices give a different light than one device, so was she being monitored by more than one, or by one professional? That is the question that rises in my mind and I could very well be extremely wrong on this. Then there is the part of “After overpowering the homeowner” gives us that they were ready for violence, so they had purpose, as such she was the target, not the opportunity. That is as far as I can get with the data available and I feel certain that the Canadian police got further than I did. 

I hope that the Canadian police will be able to resolve this, and preferably with Elnaz Hajtamiri still alive, but the time gap is making that less and less realistic. 

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Lest we forget

This is not some Marilyn Mason album (which was really good), this is not some WW1 reference. This is in part an accusation of the media, in this specific case the Canadian media. I stumbled upon this by mere coincidence. In the age of lockdowns I tend to watch a lot more walk video’s, the more extreme (location) the more I want to see it. I have seen a fair bit of them and there are several really good ones, so in the age of lockdown I have seen the streets of San Francisco (I had to go there), Monaco, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto and several others. So this evening I saw (at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRuRPszR0-8) a Canadian style Christmas market in Monaco and it looked awesome. So why did the Canadian media not put this out as a human interest story? There was an ice rink, a sled hill (no real snow), stalls on Quebec, Ontario, generic Canadian and it was awesome to see in quality. I reckon that when your nation gets a cultural boost in a place like Monaco a single page on CBC or even Global One is not overly weird, but I did not see any of that. 

I reckon that if the subject was Australia, the UK or the Netherlands their media would go all out on it (an assumption on my side). So why are the human stories neglected when it is not the brassiere of some celebrity the story goes to the ‘horse no show’ category? You think I am kidding, but seek events that are international that impact your nation, who gives it any kind of visibility? And lets face it, Monaco is not any place, it is the place where the richest of the rich live (help me out here Jeff ;-)) it is subtropical and the temperature is around 23.4 degrees Celsius warmer than it is in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec or Ottawa, so the idea of watching people in a winter stall in summer outfit will work well on anyone. So why are these events missed? This might be the one I noticed, but I feel certain that it is nowhere near the only one.

So you take a look at that video (especially if your Canadian) and consider why it was missed, a Christmas stall is a Christmas stall and it will always pique the interest of someone, especially if it involves a group of people eating Poutine right next to a Louis Vuitton shop, don’t you agree?

And let’s face it, seeing the locals there having a go at Canadian Bacon will be worth the watch too, but that is merely my sense of giggles turning a frown upside down.

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