When we just don’t know

This happens, at times we are in the dark, some more than others, but we have all been in that lane where we are utterly in the dark on what is up.

For me it started in April 2022 when I wrote ‘Comedy Capers it is not’ (at https://lawlordtobe.com/2022/04/19/comedy-capers-it-is-not/) there was no blame, there was no wrongdoings. An Iranian woman was kidnapped by people in fake police uniforms and that is where it pretty much ended. I had a few thoughts and I put it in ‘Loser investigations unlimited’ (at https://lawlordtobe.com/2022/04/25/loser-investigations-unlimited/) yet a few things kept nagging at me and I stayed quiet. It is a parallel to ‘You are not paranoid when everyone is trying to kill you’, there was something in this that had a connection, but I could not clearly see it and now, thanks to the OPP et al, I feel that I do. You see, CBC gives us ‘Woman charged with kidnapping in Elnaz Hajtamiri abduction case’ (at https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/elnaz-hajtamiri-kidnapping-charge-1.6782534) there we see “In a news release issued Friday, Ontario Provincial Police investigators said that on Thursday, 30-year-old Brampton woman Krystal P. Lawrence had been arrested and charged with kidnapping”, we see a lot more and I think we need to give people from the OPP and York Regional Police a huge applause. They got things done when most of us (me included) thought they were out of options. They did more than OK, they got something impossible done, except perhaps finding the missing woman. To be honest I am not sure if she will ever turn up. You see this all reeks of VAJA (or VEVAK if you prefer). The one part I cannot answer is why she was a target, I am not sure if the RCMP, CSIS, or OPP has a clue. Is it because she is/was connected to someone? I cannot tell. But the entire fake police touch makes it more than simple abduction. Then there was the headline ‘Elnaz Hajtamiri’s ex-boyfriend hired a private investigator to watch her before Wasaga Beach abduction’ there was always something wrong with that. It is not beyond VAJA to speak to the lack of honour in the ex-boyfriend and he (for a nice amount) was willing to help out. But the reason as to why remains a mystery to me. Robert Redford (all the presidents men) taught me ‘Follow the Money’ and that makes sense, but it is at times not enough. I personally need data to investigate what happened in the month before someone hired Loser Investigation Unlimited (see the article for more). You see, they might not talk, but their books will and that amount when you mine the funds of the ex-boyfriend will either absolve him (massively unlikely) or shows him to be complicit. That might get us more, but unlikely that it will lead to Elnaz Hajtamiri. For now we need to congratulate the police factions involved of getting this far, a place I never expected them to get, because the entire setting was skewed from day one and dressing up as fake police officers is just a little too weird for it to be normal. 

I initially had a few more ideas, but they do not matter. It seems to me that the Canadian police is sharp as a scalpel and they will cut to the heart of the matter, the CBC article of March 17th leaves me with little doubt on that matter.

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