The ideas that create

That is a question and partially its own answer. A few different settings overflowed into me and it gave me the idea for a new series. I am not going to write it, but if someone can do something with this idea, go for it. It all started as I was watching the new Jurassic movie. It was fun, not great, but fun. It was not the story, not the acting. It is perhaps the setting of a 6th movie in the series. I reckon Isabella Sermon had the most fun being the opposing teenager. For some reason the answer to a riddle (a juvenile one) hindered my thoughts. The dinosaur ‘Lickalottapuss’. Not sure it is connected, but it was in my mind, so I mention it. As all this was happening. I considered what if in 1197 a knight of the Teutonic order saved the wrong person, not merely q person he could not save, but as such an Afreet became part of him. He leaves the order after his service and whilst he realises that he is not ageing as he should. He travels the middle east, trying to make sense of it all, all whilst a captured afreet is within him trying to make sense of the world he is in now. An afreet and his 850 year journey from the knight that basically saved him and then from first born son to first born son, century after century. And after 1965 he feels that he has gathered so much knowledge that he can make a difference. 

Yet, what if this afreet is not pure malevolence? What if he merely is trying to make sense of it all and the 850 years allowed him to do just that. What if any person has 23 generations of knowledge, not merely know where the skeletons are, but where some buried the bodies, precisely where they are. And that could make for an interesting view on what was and what could be.

A simple Teutonic order knight that evolves into a much larger setting. One where we can see the larger wheels in place. So what happens when the push of rage is taken from a demon? What happens when knowledge becomes its oyster? We are all about what is good and what is bad, but we forget what we can change and that good and evil are not polarised, merely harsh to change and knowledge is the first beacon of change. 

In that stage we have stages all over the world where this could apply. It is merely an idea, but I offer it freely to the one who can make something from this.Well that is my good deed for this century, next good deed June 14th 2122. Enjoy!


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