Awaiting new life

That is what we at times hope for. Some want to play the Last of Us on every Sony console, some want to return to the years of glory of master sergeant, we all have these moments. I am no different. I reckon my love for Spy vs Spy started in the 70’s when I discovered Mad Magazine. It took on new heights when the game came out on CBM64 in 1984, I think I got the game in 1986. I got an amiga version much later, but always the game was pretty good in embracing those who loved the comics. So when I recently learned that a later edition was cancelled because someone forgot to “ask the rights from DC Entertainment which owned the Spy vs. Spy IP.” OK, that was stupid, but it could be a windfall for DC Entertainment. Consider what we can do now. We can Make the game 3D, we can offer multiplayer on pretty much any system, we can select the intelligent NPC and above all, we can see the fun that the comics brought. We can have several modes. Starter, intermediate, Expert and actual Spy. We can set the stage a little different, we can have 6 and 8 options. With optional second window. The 6 and 8 options are different. We need to have at least one active trap and up to 5 or 7. We need one disarm scanner with options up to 5 or 7. So you can play offensive or defensive. And it becomes a challenge with 8 traps, so one trap is optionally never detected or used. The player decides and by selecting the NPC to be aggressive or passive it will select its traps and detectors (machine learning), then we can add the option of location and even if we include the levels we had in the past, we can add (or unlock additional stages). There is an option to play with two and the screen will be similar to the one we had in the past. We could offer a wink to Splinter Cell and add the Russian embassy level (adjusted for the new Spy vs Spy game experience), and there are so much other options to add. This would work great on the Nintendo Switch too. So this could be a new DC title on Sony, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, Nintendo Switch, Netflix and whatever contraption Microsoft has. To be honest, it has been a while since we saw a game that was out on ALL hardware and the game does have options in my mind, but I am biased as my love for the characters never faded, not since the early 70’s. I reckon it merely awaits new life for the person with the guts to try this, optionally DC Entertainment might add this to their to-do list. There could even be a screensaver mode. Just select both sides to be NPC and watch how the machine learning mode kills itself. I wonder if anyone ever considered that?

Another day, another game in the limelight. And there is so much more good stuff, almost forgotten, but not by all, I hope to introduce you to some more. Yet soon it will be time to introduce the grandson of Hades to the adulterers and the punishment that could still exist today. It was not merely the fact that Medusa took the vow of celibacy, the fact that she committed adultery against Athena and the duties bestowed on her. And as we move, we return to the cave that still exists, but not in Greece, it is a cave on the mainland of Turkey, north of Cyprus. Sarpedon, now known as Incekum Burnu. So what happens when a new adulterer is added to the fold? What if the shortsighted lust of a girl, making one claim and then sleeping with another man. What happens when her reward is immortality as another Medusa? I wonder how dark I can make that story and what additional handles I could create.

Have fun. Oh and I apparently upgraded my house, the rains in Sydney gave me a free swimming pool, oh joy!


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