Watch this shit

Part 2
The watch, even though well over a century old was sublime in all its glory. The plate was clear white, the dial had 24 hours there were minutes and it seemed by all accounts a beautiful clear pocket watch. It was when he looked deeper that the differences started to show. It was the cogs, not all of them, but 5 cogs were different, when he looked they were bright gold, whilst the gold plated cogs looked dimmer than the 5 ones. The 5 cog seemed the same, but when he looked deeper there were writing not on the cogs, but in the cogs, words he did not recognise, they were Greek in origin, but it was not ancient Greek, not even Olympian. And the words became other words whilst he looked at them, the words formed sentences, became paragraphs and his mind shuddered, he had to blink. There was definitely something with the cogs, but it did not make sense, for now at least. He looked at his watch, and set the clock to time, it was seven forty in the evening, he set the watch and tried to wind the clock. The wheel did not move. He was not used to this watch, and it was when he accidentally pressed the button when the world went nuts. The building spun, the room spun and he was suddenly in mid air, it was not merely that, there were explosions everywhere, he heard screams, shouting and the sound of explosions drowned it all out. He was in the air and fell to the ground, between two buildings, something like a narrow alley. He was able to break the fall and land on his feet, more importantly there was no one around to see him, the next thing he saw was the building at the end of the alley explode violently and a wave of flames came his way. It did not hurt him, it would scourge others, but the flames were transitional not remaining. The building was a goner and flames were escaping the building setting the next building on fire.  He walked to the end of the alley into a wider street. People were running and screaming dragging children away from the flames. He looked up and heard the planes fly by bombing everything in sight. Bombers were flattening a path with bombs, houses and streets burning. He ran for cover, street after street. 

Then he saw a newspaper which stated ‘Rotterdamsch Nieuwsblad vrijdag 10 Mei 1940’ he recognised some words like proclamatie, Duitsch and a few others. He set the watch to 40 minutes past 7, it was 1940 here. The streets were destroyed, there was one church still standing. It was a miracle on how many people seemed to be running for cover, so many still alive, no idea how many died that day. 

He looked at the street, it was empty he looked at the watch and pressed the button again, it all faded again and he was back where he started, in his room, standing by the chair and he suddenly realised how dangerous this watch really was. He called his private vault forth and the wall became a portal and he placed the watch in secured storage. He looked around and suddenly became aware that his clothes were dirty, smelly and he was smelly too. He took a shower, put on his robe and called the front desk. It was less than 3 minutes later when someone knocked at his door. He took the clothes and handed them to the woman at the door. She informed him that the clothes would be back clean in two hours. He nodded, signed the bill and closed the door. 

He laid down on the bed and closed his eyes.

Part 3

To be continued

Yes, there is more to come and this was merely episode one of the tale. How much more? I hope to inform you within 24 hours. Not bad for a mere 2 hours of dozing off.


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