The memento way

Even though I want to tell you what got me out of bed, I will not. I need to do a recap first. 

Mr. S. King resigned (at
Another episode (at
And then there were three (at
The continuation (at
And a little more (at
A dark matter of factuality (at


Recap and time stitching (at
Parlez vouz pierre tombale? (At
Watch this shit (at
And then there were two (at
Where the colossus is no more (at
Presenting yesterday now (at
When time becomes orchestrated (at
The plot becomes a mess (at
To the other side we go (at
From the flames into the fire (at
Places that are not ever there (at
There was that idea (at
Heat is faster, you can catch cold (at
Only mortals get to sleep (at
Knowledge is nothing (at
When the trap is not the issue (at
Minding ones manners (at
Peek a boo (at
Wheels of a scribe (at
Green is for (at
Not cordially invited (at
In Crete we trust (at

A you can see, there was a lot in season one one of this trip, yet there is a part missing, and for all the tea in China (725,447.8 Kg)  I cannot find the 2-3 pieces. They are now important as it reflects on an event that woke me up.  I was with a woman in an undisclosed location, we were about to have desert. It was a strawberry selection, two parfaits (I actually had to look that part up) and some strawberry mouse with strawberry covering and some small fruit tart with mashed strawberries with whipped cream. It was at that point my brain started to scream out loud. I told her, no matter what do not, I repeat, do not touch anything with strawberries. I looked at the waiter. Where is the closest mirror? He looked odd at me and pointed up a small entresol, there is a large mirror there. I ran to the mirror and my mind kept on screaming. I stared in the mirror, something I never do. I have one mirror somewhere and that is to see if I have to comb my hair. I stared into my own eyes. What stared back was a different me, an almost diabolical self. He screamed at me ‘Strawberries and poison are mixed there’ I became myself and the mirror merely showed a reflection. I ran back. This is toxic, do not touch it. She looked in fear at me and the waiter almost in disgust. He stated that he would be right back, He came back with something that looked like post-it paper. He touched the blue post-it on the strawberry and it turned slightly red. ‘Mon Dieux’ he stammered and ran off. A minute later there was commotion upstairs and two man came down. The took me and the woman away from the table and they arrested me no less. So why did that paper turn red? Strawberries were red, but the man panicked, so this was about something else. I was taken away in a dark van, where to was unknown to me and that was when I woke up. The dream is linked to the missing episodes. An Afreet in Turkey, I need to find this episode (in 2-3 parts). It is part of the season 2 escalations. In that part we will learn about 2 more players in this grand scheme, but the mirror was new, how new? I cannot tell yet because there are parts missing and that is the irritating part of a story that is incomplete. I hope to add more soon. 


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