Places that are not ever there

I followed the direction given to me and this time I was a lot more cautious, I did not want to get spotted by another crew. And that did not happen. It was almost an hour later when I got close to Glennville. It was like any other town under threat of fire, nothing looked out of the ordinary, the flames were not close to this place but there was some kind of pressure, most people might not notice it, only attuned people and those in tune to their surroundings would and I could see the dogs were cautious and scared, they were frightened, but they seemingly did not know why, merely that there was something to fear, and they did fear, growling to anyone near them, even their own owners, although they did not growl too much at them, but the people knew the animals were afraid and they all blamed the fire, but that did not seem to be the real reason. As he was looking with his Olympian abilities he saw nothing stand out and then it all changed, like waves of water, but they were invisible and it merely seemed like water, but it was not, it wasn’t even air, it was not felt, merely seen. Waves of green, purple, red and yellow. Mixed, separate and cascading,  it was highly surreal and even if anyone else could see it, like him they had no clue what they were seeing. I noticed that the waves were emanating from the other side of town, more importantly a little beyond the town and they were spreading out, and then I also noticed the grass on the other part of town catching flames. I could not be certain that sparks did this, but I felt certain that the people would blame sparks. I parked the car out of view, not hidden, but this is the kind of place that under the situation might be weary of any strangers, so why advertise? I walked around the outside of the town, I was noticed but people took no notice of me, I was away from any issue and any of their belongings. It made sense and I got to the other side 20 minutes later. I was closer to where I expected I had to be and it took close to an hour before the next wave came. I was indeed closer to the centre but it was a little more to the North West. I was close to where I needed to be, but there was nothing but solid rock and ground here. I looked around to see anything at all and nothing was visible. But then I felt something in my bones. It reminded me of the first time the Bident came to life and I looked around and saw nothing, not in any view and I summoned it. I now noticed that the ruby was a lot more shiny and bright than it ever was before. Then the next wave came and the Ruby pretty much screamed the red and flared up. As did the points of my bident. I saw where the wave emanated from and I hit the rock with the points. The rock split apart like it was divided, and only my Olympian view noticed the difference, my normal sight saw the rock as a whole. The opening was large enough to enter and I did. It was a steep decent, but it could be walked and I did that. It was a decent of 200-250 meters. And as I went down, the opening behind me faded and the rock closed again. I continued down and relied on my Olympian vision, which was a lot more useful than night vision. I also noticed that the rocks were warm to the touch, not hot, but definitely warm. 

The decent ended in a small hall, the hall had two shafts going down, diagonally but very step, not something one could walk, but with the bident I had no need for ropes. I looked at the shafts, and then the waves came again. One was only red, the others were all the other colours. It seemed that I had to take the red road, but I waited for a moment, I studied the ruby. I pointed in either direction, but the ruby did not react. I wondered if there was a trap involved, there usually was with things like this and I pondered what direction to go. It. Took a few seconds and I took the red path. 

The decent was simple, it was non revealing and non issues came my way. But there was a clarity here. Everything had a red glare, yet was not really hot, merely warm. I looked around and I saw nothing of notice. Had I taken the wrong path? I looked closely at the stones, the rocks and then I noticed a small shimmer, a small irregularity in the stones, I almost missed it, even my Olympian sight was clearly limiting in this place. But then I focussed not on the colour or the stones, I focussed on the shadows, the shadows gave the light a different stage and the one place that should not show any shadow has the smallest of lines, a line of shadows and I pushed the bident in. The path that it created was different, the floor was pitch black, the sides were red and I kept to the sides as much as possible, I did not fear the darkness but this is not a place where you trust the place that has no light, that much was clear and as I got to the end if that path I was in a new small hall, with one shaft going down. It was less step but a much longer way down and I glided down until the end of the shaft only to see a red glow and now it was a different stage, some kind of lava pool with a path around the pool. I floated to the edge of the pool and landed on the path around it. I walked around the pool and saw nothing that stood out, the lava was beckoning, but this was not a time to test whether I was lava proof, I might not like the answer to that specific riddle. 

To be continued


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