Presenting yesterday now

Yup, it is a nice one, but that is not how I am starting this. You see, I doubt everything, even myself. And It was in that setting I had doubts, doubt on me. You see, even as I see things left right and centre proving me right, I always understand that this is not always given, I could be wrong. 

As such I also doubted my IP abilities as I was too focussed on a few matters (Augmented reality being one) so when I saw a sketch on Twitter I knew that I was not alone in the stage that we have had enough of the media crucifying Elon Musk, not just that, I came up with a new piece of IP. I gave it to my boss, I could not find anyone that had turned this summer thought into IP, and so I handed over that IP and if he registers it, he’ll have well over a year of advertisement bonuses (I already have three bundles of IP) and I am nowhere near done. So that is enough about me, now lets go back to Greece and lets see what is going on there.

Part 1
The trip to Crete was simple and decently fast. There were no delays in London, the trip to Heathrow was simple, checking in was a breeze and I saw none of the traces of anyone that was either in Paris or Rhodes. The purchase in Crete was done via a dummy corporation so my lawyer earned his keep and I was on a bus towards Rethimno.  I got there a little over two hours later and it was starting to get dark. The hotel Porto Enetiko Suites was close to the Venetian harbour so I got there and there was a room available (high end hotels usually have rooms for people with credit cards), and this place was no exception. I got a simple room with two levels, the bed was on the upper level and the room was simple but decent. There was a full kitchen with an excellent fridge. It was early evening, so I went out seeking a supermarket which was less than 10 minutes away with the surprising name ‘7 days supermarket’ I got a few bottles of fruit juice and some bottled water. I did not bother with food, this city had more restaurants and eat places than London had bankers. I got back to my room another 10 minutes later and dropped the bottles in the fridge. I left again for some food, which would likely include a glass of Ouzo. I turned left and about 100 metres further was Makan a nice restaurant with the promise of greek dishes. The dishes were really nice and I had my fill of Greek food (and loving it) and yes the bill came with a glass of Ouzo. I paid the bill with the 20% tip and drunk the Ouzo. I greeted the girl and walked back to the hotel. It would be a nice sleep, the weather was lovely, a little warm but that is to be expected when you are used to British summers. It was the next morning that I checked with the lawyer and he told me that everything is in order and the property was now mine. I checked my clock, a little late in the morning, so I found a place that rented out scooters and drove to my destination, which was still 2 hours away. The instructions from the lawyers were clear precise and correct. It was the middle of nowhere, there was nothing around and there was no one around. I walked into the ruined church and yes, if it was even a little more a ruin it would not be a ruin, but mere rubble. 

I leaned against the wall after I checked that it was sturdy and I looked around. Not sure what to do here. I walked around the church on the outside and saw a stone. It stated 1423-1427, from that point I reckoned that it took the builders 4 years to make the church. This made sense as it was in the middle of nowhere and it was not some prime location. But I recalled from the writings that there was a link between the clock and the oil lamp, so I took them out of the safe, which I created in the sturdiest wall and studied the lamp now more intense. As I turned the lid around I noticed that the inside of the lid was exactly the shape of the clock. I put the clock in the lid and held it in my hand, the clock fell out of the lid into my hand. It was then I noticed the small hole in the lid. What if I turned the lid upside down? I then considered the clock, I set it 2:31PM and placed it on the lid and set the lid on the lamp. I saw the liquid pore into the lid but no more than that and I ignited the oil lamp. That did more than something, the light even in the day was bright as the sun, and in addition to that the lamp suddenly felt sluggish and very heavy. But it was nothing compared to what my eyes saw. Not only did I see the church as it was in those days when it was new. As I illuminated the wall and the window opening, the walls and windows repaired themselves, or that was what I initially thought. The lamp did more than project the church as it was in 1431, It pushed that stage into today. Within 2 minutes the walls and windows were like they were in the original days. The church was in part renewed, and as the light hit the door opening the doors restated themselves. They were gorgeous, chiseled olive planks with metal reinforcement. I quickly shut off the light and separated clock and oil lamp. I quickly placed them back in my personal vault. I also noticed that time had past rather fast. I checked my clock, It still stated that it was 15:17, but outside was a lot darker, so time was definitely moving at different speed.

I quickly walked out of the church and I used the torch on my phone to look one more time at the window then I turned around and saw something I had not expected. It was a woman, seemingly late 40’s and she had one eye. “γεια σου εγγονέ του Άδη, είμαι η Λάχεσις, πρέπει να μιλήσουμε” (Hello grandson of Hades, I am Lachesis, we need to talk) and with that it became clear that my problems were merely at a start and all the time until tomorrow evening would become a lot more problematic. 

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