Minding ones manners

The situation seemed decently weird. Psychofagos kept the water at bay. At times I got wet, but it was nothing more then the pressures of a swimming-pool or a bathtub, here I would have to experience 1,000 atmosphere of pressure which was not the case, and that was before I entered the locker. I was not sure how much deeper this was. I was suddenly aware of the voice of the Kraken against. In the past the voices of the whales kept me entertained. Over a century they left me and now whenever I hear them it is like they are suffering. Explain this to me Olympian. I told him of the people that are no longer in the thousands, but now there are thousand times thousand more, in the same places and in many more places. The waters of the ocean are dirty of their filth and these people have eaten most of the fish in the water, including the whales. The kraken was seemingly stressed about that. Do they not know that the waters will restore them over time? I thought again, the people are all in the grasp of greed those who realise have no power, or are rich and will be dead soon. The kraken thought, or it seems he was thinking or contemplating. I had no idea what was going on there, but there was a different sense of him, he seemed more aware, ore alive and more disturbed. I cannot decide here he thought. I need father to stop fighting Poseidon, he must be equally unaware of what happens on the land. You must stop their fight. The tentacles grasped me and Psychofagos and brought me up to his eye level. I was unable to move, its tentacle war wrapped around me, a Python could not do a better job. He then focussed on Psychofagos, he stared intensely. I see the power of the fates. They are trying to fix things within their power. Good! Was the loud voice in my mind. The Sapphire became brighter, but also that last stone, the stone I could not identify changed colour, it went from broken white to pitch black and Psychofagos was trembling like a tuning fork, strong and stronger. It was hard to hold onto him, but I had to, it could mean instant death If I did not. I felt the tremblings shake more than Psychofagos, my bones were trembling too and that was not a nice feeling. Being the largest vibrator in the seven seas was not my idea of pleasing anyone. Then the sensation stopped and the Bident was taken from my grasp. I have given you a little of my powers Olympian, you can now traverse without your bident, but it will be faster with him. Go now Olympian, you need to stop a fight that has continues for millennia. I need father to instruct me, I need father to become aware. His tentacle planted Psychofagos in the sand before me. Go Now.

I turned around and I was suddenly aware that Psychofagos wasn’t holding the waters back, the depth had no influence on me and more important, I thought of the exit and moved towards it rather fast. Like the waters around me now obeyed my thoughts. I moved up to the door and I exited the door. I closed it behind me. The waters were more clear, like my eyes were upgraded too. The waters around here were clear. There was a sunken boat in the distance, something like an ancient Man-O-War, I ignored it and thought my way back to the surface, a journey that took mere seconds this time around. 

I got back on the boat and both Lachesis and Clotho were awaiting my arrival. They were looking at me with some bewilderment. I could not resist “the Kraken said hello”. Clotho was pleased, she smiled intensely. Lachesis was not as happy. “Did it work?” She asked. Clotho nodded. The sapphire is loaded with the power of water. He has what he…. She stopped. Sister! She shouted. She pointed at the last gem. Lachesis stared at it like she saw something new. They have never been this colour before. Clotho looked. She turned to me. The Kraken gave you more, but we are unaware what. The thought stones are always white, we have never seen a black one before. Not once in 10 millennia. I wondered what the Kraken had decided on, it was intentional, that much was certain.

Clotho also looked at me with renewed interest. Sister, observe his bones. Lachesis came and stared at me. That’s impossible! Apparently not, Clotho replied. They walked around me and they observed me. Lachesis started to speak. Your bones are now infused with the language of Titans, the power of Titans now grows and restores within you. I wonder if anything now can harm you, this includes the proverbial exploding volcano. There is the symbol of the trident on your pelvis, you can now summon a trident, or at least call it from the hands of Poseidon, in addition the language seems to have additional meaning, but we never learned the language. The language of Gaia and Crius. Only Hades and Zeus know that language, We do not know if Poseidon knows it. 

I told them to head towards Poseidon and Oceanus, I looked straight down and saluted towards nothing, but it was a greet towards the Kraken. I had no idea if he would understand the gesture, but one must mind ones manners, especially when you are given something one did not ask for, but what coul be essential in what comes ahead. The sisters nodded and it was like one of them had given a mental command to the captain, the ship immediately changed course and headed SSE. It would take days to get there. I wanted to jump back into the water and get there in seconds. Clotho stopped me. No Olympian! Lets the titan’s writings take its time. It will take time, and it will take longer than the trip. Optionally you will be better protected. If the Titan symbols are similar to Olympian ones, they are created to protect the sustain the body before they do anything else and to be honest. We did not know that the Kraken was there, merely that there was something there and we needed to know. Now we know and you were given a gift. Now lets not waste that, you need every angle to intervene that fight and we do not know if you would survive that. Well you most likely will, the titan symbols would most likely take care of it. But in the end, neither of us ever met Oceanus and we do not look forward to seeing Poseidon, he is fickle and loves his oceans, we need him to see that again and see the loss he faced over the millennia. It might be the one trump card we have at present.

We also have a new setting. The thinking stones are rare, really rare and we have never seen a black one, so there is no telling what you will be capable off. 

To be continued


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