Recap and time stitching

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Mr. S. King resigned (at
Another episode (at

I still have to add parts 3 and 4 here, but I forgot where I left them. As such a recap becomes pretty essential.

The story starts with a message, a message in an envelope under the door of an apartment in London. The envelope had no stamp, no address merely the text “μελλοντικός κυβερνήτης του ταρτάρου” (future ruler of Tartarus), the back stated “Αιών” (Aion). The letter was actually in English and gave him a notion that something was about to be wrong, things are out of order and he was requested to fix what was wrong. The letter ended with “I will owe you a great deal if you succeed”. There was nothing to go on, but then he looked at the letter deeper and the letters reshaped in another way, the text gave him “Το παλιό μου ηλιακό ρολόι μεταμορφώθηκε από τον Jacques III Thuret σε ένα ρολόι, ένα ρολόι τσέπης που δημιουργήθηκε το 1712, έχει μια κρυφή ισχύ που είναι πολύ επικίνδυνη. Μπορείτε να δείτε το ρολόι αν κοιτάξετε αρκετά βαθιά, είναι κάπου στο Παρίσι, κάπου εμφανές.” He considered the text ‘somewhere obvious’, it seemed like a clue, a hidden clue, but for now, he had no idea where that was. He took the taxi to St Pancras International and got a ticket to Paris. The train would leave in a little under an hour, so he went into the station and got a Lamb shepherds pie and a coffee. As he was eating the pie, he was pondering the note, the idea that he was being played, but the note seemed sincere and only an Olympian could read it, so he was a little lost. And he knew very little about Aion. He was a master of time, but he had no idea how it all fitted towards Jacques III Thuret. He had to Google the name and it as a famous clockmaker, not a watchmaker. So the facts were all over the place, but it seemed to him that Aion was not the type to be careless with words. So there was a lot more to be done.

This concludes part one of a few parts and it is part of a two or three parter (still in doubt on this and it is not a cliff hanger).

Intro of the sequel
There is a lamp, it is old, very old. It is like the ancient greek oil lamps. It looks like a teapot with an elongated flame holder, but that would not be the largest issue, the issue was that the light was stronger than a modern 50,000 Lum LED torch, and it has been lighting the little room it was in for thousands of years. The room was out of sight and out of mind, it was forgotten by everyone who every knew it existed and forgotten by the relatives of those who once knew. And if you listened as careful as possible, you would still hear nothing. It was a sunny day, and the people were walking around, enjoying the sunshine, enjoying the view. It was Platia Rimini, and if someone had been watching, they would have noticed that the bottom of the well near the centre was bleaching ever so slowly, and the bleach patch was increasing, very very slowly. These are the two intros and they are related. I will write more soon. The idea came to me on the train on the way home and I see the entire episodes in my mind, but the ideas are still erratic and chaotic, so I need to make sense of it all. And add it here. With a movie, a mini series and a TV series in the bag (designed), as such this series is becoming (to some degree) public domain fodder. Anyway, it was an idea that united items that have divinity in use, a setting that the divine is not a static setting, it is a setting that is malleable and it could reflect in massive ways, but that is part of the story, what was benign and almost innocent 2500 years ago, becomes a weird setting in today’s environment. Like TNT, like several other inventions, they suddenly made sense. But the inventions of then, the relics of then were not invented with the same setting, with the same idea in place. As such we can create a new environment, one that I am about to create. 

It is there where I set the stage for the third episode in that event. Optionally it is merely at the end of the first season, not a cliffhanger. I personally believe that season 1 should not end in a cliffhanger. I have nothing against cliffhangers, but to rely on them for a second season seems wrong, as a storyteller, the story should keep people vested, not the need of ‘How does it end?’ And as such I have some personal issues with cliffhangers. 

And for now I need to set a few central issues in motion, I also need to find a few facts (to make the story easier to swallow). So I hope to tell you more about it soon.



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