When the trap is not the issue

It was another two weeks when I was chauffeured towards the Marina Del Rey. The car stopped close to the Venice Boardwalk. He and Lachesis got out of the car. Lachesis was looking her 25 year old form and she was wearing something very white and extremely revealing. It seemed to him that she liked being watched. They walked by the boardwalk with security in place. Two in front, two at the back and two slightly behind them. He now realised that people were better off getting broken by them then touched by him or Lachesis. The walk was nice and the weather was good, it was a little over 10 minutes when the were approaching lifeguard tower 39. The all walked towards the sea and in no time a large speedboat arrived. They all got on board and the boat sped off towards the deep ocean. It was a little over 5 minutes later when he saw the boat in the distance. It was about 100 meters long and several decks high. It was a little later when the name was revealed. It was a yacht called Kore and it was waving a Greek flag at the stern. The speedboat came alongside the rear of the boat and a gangway was just at the rear of the speedboat. They all got on board with the exception of the crew that was on the speedboat and it roared away less then a minute after they all got on board. The crew nodded in their direction. He was taken to the master bedroom. You coming? I asked. Lachesis shook her head. You need to focus and you need all the energy you can muster I reckon, we will get to our destination in about 4 days. I went into the bedroom and looked at the setting. It looked overwhelmingly awesome. It was tranquil, it made him want to rest and he laid down on the bed. He was not sleeping but he was focussing on what he could perceive and with every day he perceived more and more. It was on the 4th day when he decided to walk the ship. He went to the elevator and saw the statue of a naked girl in honey marble. She was clothed in soft green transparent silk with a clasp that looked like a cornucopia. 

He took the elevator down to the main deck. There was another statue of a naked woman, see looked just like the one in honey marble, yet a little older, no more than 2 years older. 

She was wearing a similar silk dress but now in light green, a little darker than the previous dress but with the same clasp the statue was in a light green and gold marble. He walked to the rear of the boat and saw Lachesis getting a massage by a man who seemed to know what he was doing. He walked to the right and walked to the rear. He saw the end of the boat and he took this path as he descended another floor, closer to the water. The sea was calm, there was the smallest of movement from left to right whilst the boat was almost cleaving the water. He entered the lower deck. It was had a few cabins but for the most it was all empty. He heard noises to the left. It seemed to be the staff cabins. He passed them and then he saw the elevator. Another statue of the woman he saw before, she seemed 3-5 years older here and it was in black and gold marble. 

The dress was now transparent black silk with the clasp of Hades. So this was Persephone? He walked on and heard the noise of the engines. They were pretty quiet and he walked back to the elevator and took the elevator to the top deck. Time to see the bridge. He silently walked on the deck and looked at the equipment. The captain noticed him and saluted him. I nodded back. “We will arrive in 3 hours”, I nodded and walked away. I walked to the rear of this level and sat in a chair. I looked at the sea and let time pass by. Then the engines silenced and I knew we had arrived at the destination. I looked up and saw Lachesis approach, but this time around there was another woman, younger, 22-23. She looked at me and spoke. So you are here, I am Clotho. Where is your bident? I summoned the bident. She looked at it. The sapphire is water, it protects you from any depth and steers water around you, but be careful, water is flexible, at times too flexible. First test is to move around without movement. Let the water push you, you merely have to think your direction, so drop in the water and circle around the boat. If you feel lost stash away the bident, you then will have to do all the work, but you will surface and you no longer need to breath, so you can do this forever. I looked at her and jumped overboard. I went down two meters and as I focussed on directions I moved without flexing a muscle. I learned something new, I learned that not unlike a tank I could move where I wasn’t looking. It was a slow process, because I tended to see where the ship was and that was when I went in that direction. It took almost an hour to get a much more precise feeling of movement. I went back up. Clotho looked at me “Not bad Olympian”, now do the same thing, but in a diagonal shape, see the direction you want to go in, there is a small trick. It is easier with your eyes closed, but you need to be able to do this with your eyes open. And I went down again and it was indeed easier when my eyes weren’t interfering, but after two rotations I looked again and that was when I saw the huge sperm whale. I moved around it and kept my distance so that I wouldn’t accidentally hit it. After a few more minutes I went back to the boat. Clotho seemed pleased. I felt energised but I also felt some kind of fear, some kind of apprehension of the darkness below me. 

Clotho looked at me and pointed down. “Now lets take a look if you can reach the bottom” I looked at her and jumped overboard. Psychophagos out and I looked down to the deep black below me. I focussed and I went down, I went down fast and faster per second. I realised that the bident wasn’t doing anything. It was merely moving the water away, so I was basically in free fall. Then my mind considered the diagonal movements I was doing earlier, now the descent was like a corkscrew, but I my feet were touching the water and I went down like a person on a waterslide. It was awesome and as I adjusted the corkscrew I slowed down or speeded up and as the water was deep black, I was aware of something, but I had not idea what it was, so I tried going up and that went swimmingly nice as the phrase goes, and down I went again, it was almost 15 minutes later when a lighter colour was approaching and I slowed down, there it was, the sands of the bottom, I was 10 kilometres under water. I saw something in the distance and I moved towards it, it was some kind of locker, a lot larger then normal, so as I got close to it I saw it was a locker that was 2 meters square and the foundation and it was about 7 meters high and then I saw the name on the locker. It stated ‘Davey Jones’ Clotho had a sense of humour, but that also meant I had walked straight into a trap and I had no idea why. But the feeling of dread was there and I contemplated opening the door. I looked around and I saw nothing, so I opened the door and saw the steps. I walked down the steps and after around an hour I had made it to the bottom. There was even less light here and then I saw a tentacle, it was almost not moving and it was huge and thick. The part I saw was about three meters thick and there was no end to the tentacle. I walked a few steps off the steps when the tentacle moved. It wasn’t really moving as it seemed to pull something towards me. This was when more tentacles came forward and after that something that was the stuff of Hollywood legend, A kraken, bigger than anyone would ever have seen. It was optionally the kraken of Oceanus and Ceto. So it was a trap? Well this bident wielder was not going down without a fight. I was ready to strike when I felt a voice in the back of my mind. “I am not your enemy Olympian” The kraken spoke, or at least it thought the words I understood in my mind and as the kraken moved towards me I saw that it was even bigger then I thought it could be. He halted meters away from me, its eye clearly on me and I wondered what would come next.

To be continued


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