The spark of start

There is a building, it is one of the few that ca be seen from space and it is new. In this year 2029 it is 90% finished. Yet there is not a soul in the building, not one you might want to see. The building is overrun with Cobra’s, millions of them. The aggressive invasive species came, overran and took control. At some point people came, they started to clean out the snakes, but for every one killed, 5 took its place, it was an uneven battle and the people lost. It is now known as the building of a million serpents. But there is still something odd about the building. If a person was a ghost and looked at the place, they would see that the snakes all started at an empty space in the sky, or it only seemed empty. If we could stare into the void of darkness, no wait. We do not need to, dawn approaches. And it was no more than an hour later that the sun came up. Even as the glass panels minimised the sun, it was not all done and now high in the air we see a rope with a basket. In it was the star of 10,000 eyes. A relic much older than the building, and many centuries older than any building nearby.

It was a dodecicosacron if a person had a name for it. The object was peculiar to say the least. You see it was near perfect black, but the moment it was held by anyone, the object showed its eyes, thousands of it and they all stared at you and something else happened. It drew in every cobra for miles around. It was a cursed object to say the least and the person who found it was not granted a long life, because the eyes held you and soon there after the cobra’s would hold that person. 

The object was so old that it defied description. To cut it short, it was  non-human object. It was a tool ordained by Jibreel. When he was sent to do the bidding of the one, he went and did what was required. Yet the hunt was almost uneven, for he was sent to fight the king of Marid and this Marid had taken the shape of a cobra. It was huge and after the initial fight which was decades long, Jibreel knew that this fight would go on forever, so he thought his way into a pause and reconsidered. He created from a star the dodecicosacron and it was of such glass that the eyes of Marid would be captured by it and he would be swallowed by the object. And after the next fight which laster 60 years he threw the dodecicosacron between them both. The Jibreel paused for he had never seen such a magnificent shiny object before and that was the trap, as he saw the object his sight went into the dodecicosacron, and it took days before he realised that he was now within the dodecicosacron. And Jibreel took the dodecicosacron and buried it deep in a pit with black water, thick and non-reflective. The dodecicosacron sank to the bottom to never been seen again, or was it?

It was 2025 when a simple man was working the Shaybah fields. He was doing his normal work and he would be working on a new project the next day, a building huge and magnificent. He would be working on pipes for water and he was grateful, because the smell of oil would be gone from his nose for a long time to come. He never minded the smell, it gave him a decent amount of money, it allowed him to get a nice house where his wife looked over his two children, life was good. It was then that he heard a weird rattle, it came from the pipe and stopped at a fall pipe. He opened the valve and a blob fell through the first valve, he then closed the first valve and opened the second one. The blob fell as well as a decent amount of oil. The sand slowly took the oil and he was left with some blob. He pushed blob with a stick, it was more profound now, like some star object with many points. He put a big rag around the star and started to carry it to the shed to report what he had found when he saw a Cobra. It was coming for him. This was odd, Cobra’s stayed away, the smell drove them off, not this one, so he ran to a jeep. His boss was already at that new building, so he drove off. He was unsure, but he felt lie there was more than one Cobra. So he drove off fast towards the building. He arrived at the building, when he heard that his boss was on the roof, to inspect a dozen water pumps. He went up with one of the elevators. When he was on the roof, he saw people in the far distant, perhaps half a mile away. He saw a rope and used it to tie the rag to the star, the rag was now pitch black from the oil. He walked as fast as he could towards the group of men. He noticed his boss and nodded to his boss. The boss looked surprised. “Abbas?” He looked perplexed. You are not coming until tomorrow. Abbas nodded and started to explain the events. His boss looked perplexed and saw the black rag tied with rope. The walked towards the middle where the roof was not yet complete. And as they were talking Abbas suddenly noticed a Cobra, it was coming towards them, he shouted at his boss and pointed at the cobra, they both walked away towards the opening, but the Cobra followed. And Abbas who tried to run away slipped on something and he stumbled into the hole, holding at a ledge with all his might. The rope slipped through his fingers and got stuck on a beam below him, he tried to climb out, but the Cobra was there and it bit him, he let go instinctively and fell down, he fell for seconds and was killed immediately, there was no surviving that height and the rag with the rope was high in the air. It was still covered in oil, but it was now out in the open and every Cobra for many miles around heard the star and they all came. Within days the building was overrun and the most deadly of places in the Kingdom. And no matter how deadly the building was now, it was nothing compared to what the building was holding now. Marid was back among men, Marid was soon to be free.


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