Freezing Arabia

OK, this was new. I had the story for about a week. I got it from the Dutch news channel NOS, but they weren’t the only one to have it (at It looked ‘cool’ enough, but I had no idea what to do about it. Saudi Arabia has been appointed as the place where the Asian Winter-games will be held in 2029. The place will need to build its ski and skating resort. So in the place where (according to legend) demons go to cool off, it will become the future place to freeze solid. So the place where it was at one point (June 2012) 51.4 degrees Celsius it will need to become cold enough to hold snow for well over two weeks, and they also need to hold water in a solid form. The second is not too difficult, even though you see the man made pond in Neom on the image. 

Covered ice rinks are not new, I reckon that the technology now exists to make one stay solid in the centre of Riyadh. It is the ski challenge where snow is kept fresh for two weeks, that will be decently new. More interestingly it should become the jewel in many crowns to pull that off. So consider that you are looking at designed slopes, those slopes optionally need to be adjustable and then dozens of snow machines, will need to cover that area within a timing of 8 hours. The technical stage seem clear, but I reckon that this has never been done on that scale and it will be an enormous technical achievement if the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be able to pull it off. I wonder if they will also create the worlds first artificial bob sled track, but that is all for another day. I reckon that we will see initial releases of images and plans around 2026. For now we can start to get used to the idea that there can be snow fields in Saudi Arabia, I wonder if any Saudi’s ever considered the expression ‘when hell freezes over’ because if they pull this off they will be the first nation in history to show that hell can freeze over and that gives me ideas on collecting outstanding debt markers with hundreds of ladies. I am devious, if not extremely creative at times. 


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