DARPA eat your heart out

Yup, I admit that this is slightly arrogant, but I am allowed to be just that at times. You see, in the previous article I had an idea to take out the protection detail of a corrupt politician and the idea was an exploding bullet. Then my mind went on a chase and the result was a new kind of bullet, one with three layer and an adjusted powder mix (like the .600 nitro express has). The idea was not to merely blow up, but to make the gun totally worthless and the Russians like multi use ammunition, as such if we can introduce 50 of these bullets in an order of 1000-3000 the demoralisation of Russian troops becomes a lot more interesting and the Russian army becomes even less useful as it already is. Now to get these bullets there takes another skill (one that I do not have), but rumour has it that there is a whole range of people with skills and they can be found at 2430 E St NW, Washington, DC 20037, United States. As such, the people at DARPA, which is supposed to be somewhere in Arlington Virginia. someone in building two, talk to those in building one and get the idea for exploding ammunition created and placed in the Russian supplies please? 

OK, I am oversimplifying the situation, yet the message is clear. We are all supporting the Ukraine one way or another and my way is to spread chaos all over the forces of the Russian bear, who is already getting slapped by Paddington bear, one of Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s previous pre-presidential jobs. 

Anyway, it took me three hours to work out this idea, so this is the third time I got the goods ahead of DARPA. So, I reckon it is time to snore like a sawmill and move towards Wednesday. 

And if you think this is all arrogance, you are not wrong, but it is the second time that I created something to stop Russians in their tracks, the third one was meant for the Iranian navy, but that does not mean that it could not be used against the Russians. 

Ah well, another day spend in creativity.

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