Little shits

That happens, we meet kids and some are nice, some are actual and factual shits. So what do we do about them, just feed them to the wolves? So what about one of them who at the age of 6 shoots their teacher? That is what we are left with when I saw the Dutch NOS and a few others give us (at ‘A teacher shot by 6-year-old in Virginia is showing signs of improvement’ with “He also would not comment on how the boy got access to the gun or who owns the weapon”. In my view this case stinks. The parents have not been arrested for questioning. The gun is not currently identified to an owner. A six year old shit got a gun and gunned down its teacher! Even if he is not responsible under the law through doli incapax, there are a few who are and I point at the parents in the first instance. So far NO report shows that the parents were arrested, or interrogated over the case. If that is the stage, the US has earned the right to see many more shootings in schools until they fix this mess. They have the gun, so they can trace (to some degree) the owner, where it was sold and so on. In addition, we see the press avoid all kinds of places here. The lack of press is almost impressive. If Kim Kardassian breaks her bra clip on TV, we would have the retailer as well as the fashion designer on TV within the hour being interrogated by the media. Now we have close to nothing. Someone is orchestrating here, there is pretty much no other explanation left. 

I saw some of the news, they do not know how it got past the detectors. Well, if you have seen one 6 year old you have seen dozens of them, all with their favourite metal lunch box. It is speculative, but there was intent here, so put the sandwiches on top and the security guard will think nothing of it, and lets be fair, a six year old with a gun? After that it is simple. But it is not entirely that is it? A six year old shot a teacher. That took mindset, stupid mindset, but mindset none the less. The press is not looking into this, optionally merely trivialising it. So what part do the parents play? Well, as I see it the mindset tends to come from parents, not peer pressure, not at that age. But no one is looking at the parents, why not? 

The lack of information leaves me with a lot more questions and I wonder what we will hear in a few days, but I intent to take another look at all this down the road, I have to.



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