When is a car battery not one?

It is a simple riddle, but it is an essential one. A car battery is not a car battery when it powers a building. You see, I told this before and I repeat that we need to create a new setting for power creation. We cannot wait until some wake up, because power prices are already through the roof and over the next 2-3 years it will get worse, a lot worse. For the UK it isn’t merely London, who needs to convert close to 50,000 buildings to create the power dent. Then there are the cities Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol and Manchester. These 6 are the absolute minimum, but more will be required soon thereafter. 

The added complication here is that these places do not usually come sunny side up, as such wind turbines will be required. Much smaller ones, but some kind of wind-vane technology becomes essential and the wind-vane technology might be more pressing than the solar cell one. 

So when the Guardian last September gave the people (at https://www.theguardian.com/money/2022/sep/01/energy-crisis-uk-households-worst-hit-in-western-europe-finds-imf) ‘UK households worst hit in western Europe, finds IMF’ they weren’t whistling Dixie and in Europe both the Netherlands and Belgium are in similar stages, not as bad, but still. There is only so much power that can be collected at present and more is required. So as I read ‘Britishvolt: UK battery start-up set to be bought by Australian firm’ I merely wondered if they realised what else they can do. Elon Musk might have the larger playing field in the US, but as such and with the limitations that Tesla has, Britishvolt has opportunity and one customer close by. 

So when we see “It had been hoped it would create 3,000 skilled jobs. Instead, more than 200 people lost their jobs when Britishvolt collapsed” I wondered if they had seen the light of what else is possible? We look at these massive wind energy generators and that is fine, but a smaller version is required in the UK, some might go for some redesigned air intake as they are found on ships, redesigned to be rotated, optionally with an electronic wind vane. 

This will not be some simplistic task, it will be a setting of ingenuity, design and in several cases, the buildings might require some kind of concrete upgrade, a support system like artillery upgrades on merchant navy vessels who were not designed to have a cannon on board. The requirements will not be so dire, but some reinforcement will be essential. And it is not a simple task, we think it is putting a propeller on a mast is enough, but it is not. The air intake approach for buildings, especially in London makes more sense, but wind shifts, as such you need an extra part setting this into the wind to get the best result. Once that part is solved the car battery no more will come into play and there is no guarantee that one battery is enough. There will be plenty of cases that 2 or in some cases even three will be required. But that is what we all face, we either adjust or we see that energy costs will be the size of a mortgage or monthly rent and that is merely the upside, it could get a lot worse, as such we need to adjust to how we get there and I believe the battery-car-no-longer is a first step, which gave Tesla a massive boost, as places like New York, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Chicago and Austin would require well over 100,000 buildings to be adjusted. They also have a lot more cities that require the adjustment and that is the future of new business, the creators of energy will be a new dawn all over the world. 

The Australian Financial Review gave you in October 2022 ‘Electricity prices to soar as energy transition falters’, there we see mention of price hikes by at least 35 per cent in 2023 due to the unprecedented cost of wholesale energy. So what do you think will happen in 2024? 2025 anyone? There is no short term relief. I mentioned this danger for well over two years and now that it is on your doorstep, the question isn’t will this last. It will be can I get a energy set in time to avoid these harsh prices and you better believe that these prices will be harsh. For a simple Student paying a $85 energy bill each month, it will go to $166 a month. For families it will be a lot less good looking. But that is the age we were going to, you merely had to see in the right places and watch the prices go up to realise that the nightmare is a lot more real than you were willing to believe. 

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