That courtesan called media

Yes, it is me on THAT horse again, and with the media giving their digital dollars preference towards Andrew Tate, it seems that I need to go on another headhunt. Yet first I need to give you the real part that was as far as I could tell ONLY given to you by News dot com dot au weirdly enough. Here (at we are given “Tina Glandian, defending the pair, said they should be presumed innocent until proven guilty as no charges have been laid. She said on Piers Morgan Uncensored the brothers have been subject to “huge injustice” after their arrest on December 29.” So, for over two months a person was held in prison without being charged. Where is that sanctimonious court in Strasbourg now? This is a simple fishing expedition and there is now the optional chance that the Romanian law is aiding organised crime. You see, I reckon that they are all furious that some kickboxer got his foot in the legal stages of whatever business they are in and they ended with $700,000,000. That is a real setting and I am persuaded to think that this is not cool and not clean. I get that a person is held for a week until charges come, yet in this case it has been over two months and three more weeks to go and there are no charges at present. Why is that? 

Then we see the mention of “falsely claiming to want a relationship”, yes that is claimed but that setting also fits over a billion teenage boys hoping to put their erection in a vagina. How many of those were arrested? Then we get “Romanian prosecutors launched their investigation last March after one of the brothers allegedly raped a trafficked woman”, so they are not arrested for trafficking this woman, but ‘merely’ for allegedly raping her. This is a classic he said, she said issue in court. It does not mean that this did o did not happen, but the stage is that they have been in jail without charge and that is the ballgame. A ballgame that is set up but for the benefit of who?

Then we get to the BBC article (at which is more blahblahblah with mentions of the early years and how they made millions in 7 years. We are also given “Talisman Enterprises makes its money from web portals, according to official Romanian records. It hasn’t posted a profit since 2017”, OK. That sounds nice, but didn’t Donald Trump do the exact same thing in the US? How long has he been in prison? I reckon that the answer is 0 seconds, making this setting even less just and even less acceptable, but Strasbourg is not making a noise, why not? 

And then there is the Guardian, they really made a mess this time around. The article (at giving us ‘how Andrew Tate’s twisted ideology infiltrated British schools’ where we see “Children are not only mainlining Tate’s toxic social media content, which has resulted in him being banned from most major platforms; they are also tracking his progress through the Romanian criminal justice system, where he and his brother, Tristan, have been remanded in custody until 27 February while investigations continue. An appeal against their detention was rejected yesterday. They deny all the allegations”, and here I get to be a little insulting. So Sally Weale, where were your tits when it came to Elizabeth Holmes? Where were you when she was found guilty on four counts of defrauding investors – three counts of wire fraud, and one of conspiracy to commit wire fraud? Where was the Guardian interviewing the Whistleblower Tyler Shultz? Thanks to him this was stopped, but not before six hundred million ended up being lost. So where is the indignation there? Where is the indignation regarding Sam Bankman-Fried? OK, he is still being investigated, but there is a clear issue with someone finding $5,000,000,000 that they allegedly lost. I checked my sofa at least 20 times. Not a billion. Hell, I would be over the moon with 100 million or massively happy with a mere 25 million, but no way Jose, the sofa did not hide any green papers. Nor did my desk for that matter. So what do you think happens when you misplace billions? In all this Andrew Tate hasn’t even been charged yet. One is convicted and her subtle side-road of getting a one way ticket to Mexico was largely ignored by the media. Not enough digital dollars there? And the amount of silence we see around Sam Bankman-Fried is even less acceptable. But the Tate’s, no, they represent digital dollars for too many media outlets and that comes first, the hard truth or the actual and factual news be damned. 

I have several issues and the media remains number one, the fact that the Guardian is seemingly digital dollar driven is becoming an increasing disappointment on several levels, but that is me and perhaps I am wrong. You go seek the factual news and you tell me. 

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