Moments of clarity

It happens, we all have them and at times we do not know how it interacts with reality. For me it started yesterday. I was at first thinking No Ware, No where, Know Wear, Know What and so on, like a train, phonetic phrases. This took me back to a moment in the 80’s when I came across the idea for a phonetic virus. A virus that when played on a PC it does nothing, when on played on an Apple with a RISC processor it stops processes and other elements. Nothing destructive, merely disruptive. I never brought it into play for the reason that I had a job and I was too busy for anything else but work. So in that setting my mind starting mulling a few things over.

Local awareness
The setting is that there is no real way to keep things safe, pretty much any cloud system can be transgressed upon. I got there by the MSNBC article ‘U.S. Marshals Service suffers ‘major’ security breach that compromises sensitive information, senior law enforcement officials say’, nothing really new, Solarwinds brought that to the surface, the April 2021 events brought that to the surface and that was not the first event, more has happened that overthrows the statements regarding ‘Data at rest’ and ‘Data in motion’. The data vault programs on the iPad merely heightens the issue to a much higher and a much more visible event. We need programs that reserve memory on mobiles and make sure that it is local only, the idea to put it ‘safely’ in the cloud is a joke that is much bigger than the Titanic.

QR codes
Then I moved towards replacing the QR codes. There is nothing wrong with the QR code, it is an awesome invention, but there is a geriatric need. Many of these people are not good with their phone camera’s, and at times the use of such a code could have larger ramifications.

I came up with an idea. 4 blocks of 12 characters consisting of either A, C, D, E, G, H, K, L, M, P, S, T, U, W, X, Z, even with camera on an angle, there is every chance to repair the image and code. The 16 letters could represent a hexadecimal code, the 4 number groups separating the blocks could have all kind of uses and the hash in the middle is a check number keeping it all in balance and offer some kind of stage to repair the unclear image of such a code.

My initial use was to encrypt medication so that an image could help doctors when needed, but its use is much larger as I am imagining it. 

These elements are connected, but not essentially so. I was brainstorming on the use of different approaches to keep usage of data private. The approach could become larger, but that is what we all think of our ideas. Will it work? I cannot tell, there is a direct market to keep private for everyone, these so called providers come up with an idea and then place it in the cloud where EVERYONE can get a hand on it. There is a need to change things and others are seeing that stage evolve right now. 

 But it was an idea I have no real intentions to pursue and as such it made for a nice story on my blog. So have at it and have a great day


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