The weird class

Yup, although I wanted to write about something different, this stuck with me. It was a nightmare of sorts and Google was in the middle of it (of sorts). There were 2-3 settings. 

In the first setting I was in some kind of school, a high-school I reckon. It was an open assignment given on the spot in Astronomy, We were to ascertain where we were. We were given facts, just outside of a large city, there was Mars who was in ascendance and a second planet that was in ascendance. The question was ‘Where were we?’ I saw all the other students go into calculus mode, creating tables and so forth. I merely asked Google (Google was not of any assistance). I entered the coordinates as they were given to me, but the answer did not come back. From what I  gathered the answer was in Turkey, no idea where more important, the dream kept on telling me that it was a very specific tree, and the teacher had some hidden reason for the question, but I could not figure it out.

Then I sort of woke up, or better stated, I was pushed into a new situation.

Photo mode
I got a ‘notification’ that my picture was old, really old (I don’t like to take pictures of me) and I was invited to some Google treasure hunt. The treasure hunt had Mario features and looked like a top bottom view. I was running (just like in any other game) and at some point I made a turn and a hidden path opened up as one piece of wall vanished for a mere second. I was suddenly in a dimmer corridor that opened up in a hall and there were the diamonds and in no time I had a completely filled bag with diamonds. I got out of the hall and the game ended and I looked up. I was in some kind of common room. I started to talk to a young man and started to explain why I did not like to ‘upgrade’ my image. The background setting was too unrealistic, it was too flat ad it made me look unnaturally 2D. He talked to a woman for a moment and she tapped on her tablet the interface looked like nothing I ever saw and the interface had the google colours. In that it was a different kind of Gmail. She asked if someone could push a single user copy to my account for 2 months (it did show my account) of something called ‘SEST’ or ‘SEEST’ so that I could experiment with it. She told me that this might give me much better results and she ended the conversation.

This was the moment I woke up and wondered what on earth was going on. That was a little over 30 minutes ago. I have no idea what it was all about, but my head kept saying that it has relevance in some way. Is it something new, is it merely the idea and parts of something I have been working on? I cannot tell, but that is as flaky as my head works today. It cannot have been the food, I merely had a salad for lunch. 

It was the astronomy that weirded me out the most. I never took Astronomy and even as I understood what was being said (the limited mathematician in me) I had no idea what I was doing, the tables looked surreal to me, so I turned to my trusty android and Google, but neither was any help. Now that I am awake, I took another look and found ‘AstroCartoGraphy – Mars Ascendant Line Stories’, that wasn’t exactly what my mind was seeking, but there were things that seemed connected. I think I was looking for a Google map that could be overlaid with two line settings (like the one I had) and when we add a date (which we knew from the assignment) two sets of lines appeared on the map and when we take the specifics of the lines a location comes on the map. That is what I think it was (I am NOT an astronomer). But why I had the thoughts and why the dream is telling me it is about a specific dream beats me, but perhaps I get some clarity in a few days, I merely typed it now before the brain forgets I had the dream, it will, this always happens over 2-3 days. The more disturbing the dream, the quicker it fades from my mind.


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