Ripping apart international needs

There are a few things happening. In the first thee is Dutch politician Hoekstra trying to make Energy agreements with Saudi Arabia, but do not fear, there is every chance that extremist Edwin Wagensveld has been able to stop this effort, lets face it, the Netherlands is so small, they do not need any energy agreements. You see, one source gives us “An official statement said the suspect, 54, who resided in Germany, tore up the Quran in front of the Dutch parliament in The Hague on Jan. 22, while saying things such as: “The Quran is a fascist book. Just as bad as (Hitler’s biography) Mein Kampf. Its followers are pursuing the same ideology as Hitler.”” All whilst CNN gives that news in Bahasa (CNN Indonesia) and it seems that CNN has decided that this news does not matter, so over the last 4 hours no English version of this news was given to us. So what makes the western news this unreliable? And this is not the first setting, there was Sweden before this and now we see the stage where Edwin Wagensveld is making headway in separating options away from nations through religious discrimination. Their movement PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) has been around for almost a decade and they will not learn. The people are sick and tired of paedophilic Catholic clergy, they are sick and tired of being lied to and being shoved fake values and norms through their throat. More and more are considering Islam as a worthy pursuit. When you consider that Christianity is at 2.382 billion and Islam is now at 1.907 billion. Yet these numbers shift further when we consider that Neo-Paganism is making its way back and that might be slow, the Nordic people have had enough of Christianity. No matter how that slices, the Christian values are seen as unacceptable and the anti-Islamic parties like PEGIDA are a joke, bullying with discrimination, whilst more and more into the realm of starting their own extreme version of Christianity which should never be seen as one. And the Dutch government? Well the quote “Dutch police granted an extreme anti-Islam extremist permission to tear the Quran without burning it, but he tore it and defiled it with protection from them, and later burned it.” Is saying something. A German is telling the Dutch where it is at (a WW2 reference). And I reckon that the Saudi Government is in a state where it might tell the Dutch politician where it is going unless people like Edwin Wagensveld are dealt with. This is not new. The Islamic population have THEIR rules on the image of Muhammed, the Quran and this is not new, this has been around for centuries. And in a stage where Christianity is declining all over the planet, the extremists are trying to stop the turn by inciting hate. And after the non-caring bosses all over the planet, they have had enough and they are seeking a better and more truthful way of life. Is it Islam? I cannot tell, but the information comes more and more clear that Christianity is not the way and that is a massive turn since the turn of the century. The people have been lied to since 1095 when Pope Urban II was waving the Vatican sceptre. They remained mostly silent during WW2 and after that the numbers went from bad to worse, you only need to see the film Spotlight (2010) and check their numbers to see how bad it got. 

But in the end, this EU needs to reassess the laws they are pushing. Now that Religious discrimination against Islam and the state of Israel keeps on growing, the laws are no longer acceptable. So consider “Saudi Minister of Energy Abdulaziz bin Salman and Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra met to discuss the possibility of making the port of Rotterdam the gateway for clean hydrogen exports from Saudi Arabia to Europe” Rotterdam is the best solution, but with the events around the Quran and with at least three ports that could be the considered destination, what do you think that an Islamic nation will chose? It is a serious question, because I do not have the answer. I do not have the answer, especially as the bulk of the Western Media decided not to report on it, as such those protecting the Quran will have to consider where THEIR faith will get the most respect and it could be that in the end the Hydrogen deal could go to France or Belgium before it goes to the Netherlands. It is a valid way to rip apart international needs. It starts with holding both sides in equal respect and people like Edwin Wagensveld are making sure that this does not happen, so what happens to people like that who consistently revert to religious discrimination? Aren’t there EU laws in place to stop that? And if not, why not? 

Simple questions to see you through the day.


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