The old way in a new coat

There is a simmering in me, I have been working on a new IP and as I was settling on a path, I find another IP. This is based on an idea I had in the late 80’s. Even then, with my limited understanding of matters, I designed a way for dewdrops to work differently. I got the idea whilst reading John Le Carre’s ‘The Spy Who came in from the cold’, in that story we see British spy Alec Leamas and the events that followed. I got to the book after I had already seen the movie with Richard Burton years before. It is how I learned how certain people left messages, but I already saw the progress of technology. Dead drops would become inherently harder. So I came up with a simple idea. In those years there were BBS options, where we got free software, pictures of celebrities (adult and non adult) and as I saw how the half life of certain images went, I got the idea, to mess with the hue of an image, the offset would only be 1. Even as Luminescence is preserved, it would be relatively simple to hide


And whilst everyone is focussing on CCTV, for 2 hours, one image in a BBS will be changed for 1-2 hours, the message is given and the storage box is returned to its original value, a BBS with hundreds of thousands of images, you can hide an entire dark web delivery system on items required that can not be found in a supermarket. The app would be simple and in the age of 4G+ it is close to impossible to check, especially when an image has a 1-2 hour window, now considers a stage where one site (one of several dozens) has well over 125,000,000 images, 2 hours just doesn’t work, now when every person has its own hue stage, they all have a separate item for checking. Even the average art exposition has thousands of images, and even if someone else downloaded that image, the naked eye will not see the hue approach, the stage requires an app and there is no stopping the message. With the app, the image can be downloaded, the app deciphers and the reader presses wipe to overwrite the image completely, not delete, first overwrite every bit with ‘EA’, change the image name and after that delete the image. And without the personal hue code, it cannot be regained. A stage from the cold war regained in the now, and with the US setting to regain the cold war, I thought of making an old idea public domain, have fun everyone!

In the mean time, I am getting back to setting up a new protocol for what might be 5G plus, or perhaps 6G, I never think that far ahead, I merely see a new stage of setting mobile phone privacy to unrevealed heights, and there is nothing stopping me from going outside my own comfort zone, is there? 


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