Invoke the liquid mountain

The group was small, it had never been big and it was as always linked to the needs of their leader. Like in heated arguments, cooler heads prevail and none of them were ever cool, as such over the ages a hierarchy was set, the lower will blindly obey the higher, the equal were never equal, there was a separation by station and seniority. It was a system that had worked for many generations. Even as at some point merely one entered their ave, over time the stage was set to a larger preference, a setting of master, teachers and students. There were only three teachers and each teacher had three students. The students would circle around the three topics and those who became adept in a topic would serve that house, yet in the end no more than three would be allowed, in a stage where four were of the same quick disposition, the newest member got to chose one other of that house and a battle usually to the death would settle the matter. One master, three teachers and 9 students, at some point these students would become full learners and they would enter the world as evangelist to the molten mountain. The monks would mediate on their station every day and learn from within the spark given to them. Their focus would allow them to call for the liquid mountain to their side. They were masters of fire and they could at times create a small instance of the liquid mountain at their side, that allowed them to create fire wraiths if the settings were right. In their station some had the option of the liquid mountain, some could call metals from tens and some learned the ability of fire breath, yet no mater how strong they were in one discipline, they were able to learn the other two s well. Their staff was one of rock, with a stone at the end of it. They were revered by smiths anywhere on the land, their abilities could give smiths metals and some were able to reheat the forge drastically increasing the quality of metals for some time to come. The Monks were more of isolationist, they cared not for the issues of man, some took pleasure in watching the forge wielders make things, there was a connected kinship, but beyond that, the monks tended to stay clear of villages. They were also safe from animals in the wild. The heat that emanated from them was a warning, like animals clear the rod from fire, they also steered clear from monks. Monks had no harm in mind, it was an automated response. In that setting the monks became self isolating on a few levels and as such they had no regret, no worry and no stage to foresee change. 

It was for the most a happy setting for all concerned. It was on that faithful night that a monk was walking past a forest smelling something he had never smelled before. His curiosity got the better of him and soon he saw a field, the stench was almost unbearable, even for monks exposed to Sulphur fumes, this was horrendous. The field was filled with cadavers. All rotting in the night breeze, all looking contorted. He smelled something else, something that was unknown to him, it was ripe and touching, but it was unknown to him, he looked round and saw no others, and as he focused the ground in front of him turned to a pink pond, then is slowly increased in size. He focussed and a wraith came from the pond, he looked at the wraith and the wraith went to work flaming the cadavers and the field, the monk remained cautious not to let the flames get out of control, and as he succeeded, the corpses turned to charcoal, the land went black and he was content, but the setting of the cadavers was still haunting him. How could anyone merely kill all these animals? He had tried to read the signs he saw, but the signs made no sense. The animals ran from the forest, scared of something and then they stopped running, they all started dying. It was a puzzle, one that he wanted to solve, even if he cared little, such an attack on nature’s unnatural and he ever liked anything unnatural. 

He picked up his staff and as he waved his had, the wraith stopped being and the pond was cooling down. He walked on into the forest looking for new clues.

A Monk
Yes the monk is gender specific, the monk is only male, only men are allowed into the sulphur caves. They fight with fire and their fire is always lethal. Yet it takes a few seconds to get the fires going and until that happens the staff is their way and it can spout fire like a dragon. They are great smiths and their weapons last longer, are sharper and are worth more. As you gain (or have) the ability to extract metals, you have a much larger stage of striking it rich early. There is however a downside, wounds are hard to get, but s such they take longer to heal and only prolonged sleep at a lava pond will make it heal quicker.

I set the stage for another house in the story, but they are the last to be spoken of, the next house is the House of Chimes, and the monks are only male, the members of the house of chimes are always female. Yet perhaps more on that tomorrow. Well another part of public domain for Sony exclusive RPG has been made, less than 8 hours on the whole total, so I feel I am doing well.

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