Stakeholder and Advertiser

Yes, that is the stage I see unfolding, the telecom companies are at times both stakeholder and advertiser in the media, and I am starting to wonder just how far it goes. Today,. For the 5th or 6th time in the last two weeks, I was plagued by congestion on two devices, using DIFFERENT means, and I am guessing that this is merely the beginning. Yet, the media is ready! I found today over a dozen outlets all claiming on how ‘5G will solve 4G congestion’, it is not an outright lie, but it is a stage of deceptive numerics. You see the better and proper 5G is 1-3 years away, for the larger population it will be a larger stage and all the deceptive conduct you might see will not help you. Changes were essential to the 4G network, but the owners chose milking so that they can get the most bang for their bucks before the expensive 5G was added. The curve could have been minimalised, but Huawei was set out to pastures and none of the players have EVER presented acceptable levels of evidence, there was none!

So now we see a larger stage, a larger stage in a few ways. As congestion is set to the stage of SLA (Service Level Agreements) and we see (in Australia) “Optus seem to be selling high data 4G plans very heavily. There seems to be no attempt to moderate user numbers and so peak hour congestion is pretty inevitable in some areas”, this is to some stage an upside, if there are enough people, upgrades are inevitable, but the stage is twofold, most did not read their contract, as such it is what they signed for, those who ddi had to either accept it or seek another method. And for the most the stage accelerates. In Italy, we see “Declining 4G Download Speeds in quarantined Italy indicate rising mobile congestion”, now there is the part that we have to accept, the part that this would happen, because the stage was an unnatural one, the unacceptable part is that the stage is a long term one, the Telecom companies have a limited option of recovery, if they wanted to avoid that, they would have needed to alter their stage 2-3 years ago and they did not, as such they are all pleading for a fast 5G stage (which we saw with “5G will solve 4G congestion” and here we see the stage where the telecom providers become stake holders and advertisers. In this the share holders will merely agree as long as their bottom line is not hit and it is happening on a near global basis. When we look at light reading (at we see a little bit more, yet we also see a lack. So as we are given “Operators must also meet some tough rollout targets set by the regulator, activating 3,000 5G sites by the end of 2022, 8,000 two years later and 10,500 a year after that, according to Jefferies, a bank”, we see the problem (at least in Europe), the stage of having 3,000 sites in 24 months implies 125 per month, or close to 6.5 a day (or 65 a fortnight) and that is where we see the larger failing. The staff shortages for these people will bite, so I reckon we get the first delay statement somewhere late 2021, or early 2022, it will be a setting of ‘managed bad news’ but in such a way that it implies that there will be no visible impact on the people, other than some unfortunate rural regions. It will also set the stage of pressure on the 8,000 stations required in 2024. And there we also see the stage was the 3,000 part of the 8,000? The text is not clear, but I reckon that they will all ASSUME that the answer is yes. In this Vodafail will have the larger problem to keep its dominance in France and a few other places as well. And all of them will have invoices due and that is when we realise that 4G will have additional problems down the line. I see it as additional congestion stages, the Telecom companies will twist it into something else, they will be the stakeholders (which makes sense), yet the managed bad news will be through open sided multi interpretative advertisings, and that I where they will have to pay for a lot more advertising, all to keep the numbers up, but in the end, there is a larger stage where the consumer is likely to lose access and options. All whilst some players will be in a stage of guile denial, or a stage of presented miscommunication. And the media will facilitate in every way possible, the advertisement budgets of telecom companies leave little interpretation at that point, so where will you get your information that is reliable? I actually do not know, but this stage will start somewhere in 2021 and I have no idea whose information I can trust in this regard at that point, I merely hope that I will have sold my 5G IP before that happens and I am enjoying retirement somewhere where I need not be called, or need to call someone else, it will be an optional lovely 3 years (if the IP is sold). 

Sitting quietly on a balcony in a lazy chair sipping ice tea (or ice coffee) whilst watching the weather, what a change a day can make at that point. Stake holders and advertisers be damned as I see it at that point. Such is the life we yearn for, we silently all do (especially when you pass the 40 mark).
On the sunny side though, I think I came up for a micro transaction-able Babylon 5 game, perhaps I will fill you in on that in a few days. Just had an idea (I got the foundation of it from a game called Sim Tower, a 1994 game)

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