Treason, by Apple

Yup, this is not some kind of aftershave, it is what I see as treason. Apple (not unlike Microsoft) is about pushing people into the direction where they WANT us to go, not where we want to go, but they seemingly do not care, it is about their long term goal, so a push here and there is perfectly OK to them (I reckon). And this is not some anti-Apple bias, I have been with apple since the Performa 630, I still have the old G5 Powermac, as well as an iPad.


The evidence? Well, go to the Apple site, look at the new iMac, in all kinds of colours, there is also the Mac Pro, not even the most powerful one will set you back an almost hefty £22,299.00. One would think that this would be as complete as possible, but you would be wrong. You see, one part is missing, in both the new iMac and the Mac pro. It is a Apple (USB) SuperDrive, the accessories pages do not show one, the hardware does not offer one, you need to seek it out via Google search to find one, yes, OUTSIDE of the Apple site you need to find it and it is in one silver colour only, so the embracement of all these colours is a little bogus. I went to two Apple stores in Sydney to find one for a MacBook, but they didn’t have them. Is that not weird? And also consider that the design of the MacPro started some time ago, as such there is a larger stage of pushing CD’s and DVD’s, as medium for all directions, including data was left out in the open for well over 2 years.

I know people with disk backups that go back a decade, there are people with over a thousand CD albums, now they cannot listen to them on their AirPods, or AirPods max. The list goes on, but you feel the drift here, it is what I personally would see as an act of treason by Apple to its consumers. So whilst we see that in 2020 31.6 million CD albums were sold in the United States alone, we see the stage where millions of users are knowingly left in the cold, I myself have a fair share of Albums, I have up to a 100 cd’s with photo-archive backups, and a similar amount of data, yet what happens when a £22,299.00 will not allow me to read that data? And that is merely one person, will Apple tell us that the millions of users, looking for an Apple IT product, none of them would need a superdrive, or a drive built in? Can anyone explain the insanity of that thought? I get the need to have it external in these air products, but these air products are not used by airheads and they need access to legacy data, a fair amount of them consultants they need to rely on a GB sized email with the data instead of getting mailed a disc leaving both parties open to more dangers. So whilst we take a gander towards the Epic case on their stores, perhaps a seemingly exploitative firm named Epic might have an optional case?

We accept that the superdrive is an addition to some products, but should it be to a £22,299.00 system that is priced without a display? You merely need to look at the design to see that the disc format was erased from consideration, as it was with the iMac where all things (including mouse) come in all colours, but not the superdrive, I could not even find a way to order that one in THEIR store. So, you tell me, is it treason to the consumers, or is it the most stupid form of intentional reckless neglect of their customers? I will let you ponder that part of the equation by yourself.

Well, back to the larger consideration in a new stage in my Fibretech adventure, and before there was colour, there was touchscreen, so here I go pondering away again, have a great day.

P.S. I did get a new handle on the option of interacting with consumer staged Domotics, but that is for another time.


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