Lunae commentarius

Yes, it might be Latin to you, yet we are talking about the Diary of the moon, my idea for adding social media a safe place to gamers. You see, I have had a few discussions in the last few days. The responses go from ‘Why, they’re only gamers’ and ‘Why do we need another social media’ to ‘Don’t worry Facebook will solve it’, and that is the problem, Facebook does not solve our problems, it uses whatever bothers us towards a data setting for them. They are not doing anything wrong, they are a commercial party. Yet the time has come for gamers to get a real safe space and as such we are looking around. I saw what Google+ offered and I preferred it, but Google shut it down, recently we got Cocoon (2019) and they (at give us “Cocoon is a home for the people you feel close to today, and will feel even closer to tomorrow”, they are right. In the beginning there was Facebook and Facebook alone, but as their saturation increased the amount of advertisements grew, it is the trade-off of saturation against quarter on quarter growth. There are no clear numbers, yet it seems that Facebook has 25%-50% of the ENTIRE planet. That has never been done before, that is what saturation looks like and everyone on that advertisement stage is trying to fill their pockets. 

The stage is also getting banked (towards Facebook). We might see (if we look) “Cocoon 3.0: a place to share with all your people, and just your people”, we see this in the media page on July 22, 2021, the media is remaining quiet as a mouse. So when we seek Google search, we get all kinds of cocoon mentions, but only when we seek deeper will we see that the media is avoiding this new option, perhaps someone needs to talk to media stakeholders that need Facebook as a ‘friend’? Yet these issues shows that we need another way, a Google+ and Cocoon way to set the stage, first for gamers, then for all the other people.

So how does this work?
In my view, a social media account is like an RPG game. You are your castle, your house. Together with your friends you have a cluster and that cluster is seen in two ways, your cluster of all your friends and your ‘in-crowd’, those who see everything. The book (it look like a leather bound diary) has some details, optionally a photo (if the gamer wants this), but in essence there is a closed avatar and the open avatar. The closed avatar is only for friends and in-crowds. That avatar has pages, each game a page, each game with the option to add images (screenshots) with an edited screenshot at the top, which is either made the diary header, or (more to follow), the page holds your achievements and a timeline with data available for YOU to decide where it goes. 

So it goes on for every game you play. But it is what happens next that matters. You decide whether the friends see everything, whether you want to spread everything, top-line or nothing to the game maker, the official game page or the Amazon distribution page. The important part is that it is up to YOU, the gamer to decide what is send around, and the stage is that NOTHING is shared until you allow for it more important, those who get the information can never forward your details, your nickname is seen, but not searchable and the list goes on. I also envisioned a stage where there is a Sony Tab and a Nintendo tab, completing your game experience on the entire field.

So we see clusters, ranks and vines. A station where you are in charge and that setting changes social media. When Amazon launches this, the need to non advertising continues and it goes all over the place.

The stage is more than just achievements, you have a header of your favourite game and you have headers of the games that you play the most (at present), a stage where you profile yourself into a larger community of YOUR making, merely your friends and family. This is not longer about selling ads, this is a safe space where the gamer can communicate achievements and milestones to their group of people with no advertisements. It will be a band new day for the gamer. It was something I had hoped we would see on the PS4, now we see a setting where Amazon has a much larger playing field. Consider that the Luna account can be linked to your Kindle, giving you your game diary on the go?a stage that can only get larger, there is a setting where the other streamers will have to run, run really hard just to keep up with the Amazon Luna, just a thought.


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