Propagated negativity

OK, this is not a nice article. I admit that it makes me look despicable and a few other not so nice words. I can live with that, especially when it does what it needs to do, wake up whomever reads this.

You see 2022 will be my year, even though I should be preparing for retirement in some form. There is ever chance that job offers will come through soon. Jobs in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France (even though I do not speak French), Sweden, Norway, Canada (I love hockey) and a few other places. You see, this is all due to anti vaxxers. Even when we see the image below, we seem to ignore the larger stage.

Michael Smith is right in every way, and this case is not unique, but still the anti-vaxxers continue, and they take others with them into death. From June when the fatality list was at 6,345 to a stage less than a week ago when we see a number of 10,237 daily deaths. This is a global number, but when we look locally, we see several nations with fatalities, but that number is increasing because of anti-vaxxers. It is sad, but my skills are clear and when someone with my skill list is lost, finding a replacement is hard, really hard. So thanks to all the anti-vaxxers in these places, you are opening up jobs for me and as three places need me, and there is only one of me, my value goes up.

If someone says I am sick, I disagree, so far still healthy, but the total list of 4,304,126 deceased does not lie. What was given to us as an annoyance in 2020, the media making clear that ‘it might become a pandemic’ when it was already a pandemic. The media never did what it was supposed to do. Over the months we saw more and more issues and even Sky News Australia saw suspensions on YouTube because of misinformation recently. The disease continues and in Australia, a place that had a decent grip on things we now see 242 new cases in New South Wales. It seems small, but when you compare it to less than a dozen in the two months before, it shows just how effective this delta variant is and if I avoid it before my second shot I should be fine for a whole range of job options, all over the world, perhaps even Denmark, Israel or Saudi Arabia. Yes, they have all had their lockdowns, but they forgot about the service minded people. The lack of support technicians and trainers works in my favour and as the people are fighting to get their revenue back up, I get to chose where to go. All thanks to anti-vaxxers who are helping my career by getting dozens and dozens of people killed on a nearly daily basis all over the world. That is the reality that the media and governments face. Those who give rise and support to unfounded and non-scientific methods that result in fatalities will face a larger audience soon enough. Because for now, it is all about themselves and their way of life, but soon thereafter it will be about pointing fingers, so the anti-vaxxers and places like Sky News Australia will get another wave of accusations to deal with, optionally a few will go to court and then these stories will get a whole new life. 2022 might end up being a very interesting year.


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