The hardware perimeter

It started yesterday, I wrote about it in the article ‘Pristine and weird’ (at My mind started to pound on that again today, but this time it wasn’t a dream. I was pondering a few hardware sides. You see, the software thoughts (now filed away for Adobe eyes only) are one thing and I am not going on about it, just to avoid giving Microsoft good ideas, they can pay for those (and through the nose). It is the hardware. The display a Sony display (could be something else). The PC on the stand is something I found hours later. It was a lot like the OptiPlex 3090 Ultra Desktop. But there was more to it. It connected directly to the telephone and internet. More importantly there seemed to be a smooth interaction of both, phone calls could be registered and more important could be created as a new blockchain or added to a blockchain. Like the PC was registered with Processor to a blockchain, as was the location of the PC. The PC has 256GB DDR5 RAM, had a 2TB SSD and was running something I had not seen before. It was not Windows or MAC. A setting where we see PC’s having forensically secure connections. And these systems went to the cloud as well kept a connection to the local server. Blockchains kept a track of all that needed to be kept. Who created the document, who called who and so on, kept in files and logs. I reckon that will be the future of office requirements, but not a normal office. High end offices like law firms and accountants would use these cloud driven systems so that they could show what was done, when it was done and where it was done. The last part is one most tend to forget, but anyone who served in technical support on a larger scale can tell you that WHERE information comes from is rather important, more important than most realise, as such blockchains can be useful in many ways. Even now some are in denial, but 5G will force the need of a larger comprehension of the Byzantine fault to the front of many international players and the need for forensic records will then be pushed to the front. To get such a system there will be many contenders and those who can link together will become the system of choice, the old 90’s setting with DELL, ASUS and IBM is over, if they cannot work together they will end up being cast out. As such Dell and ASUS will have an edge, but IBM has plenty to offer too, especially with the cloud they have. This field will be rich of options soon enough, it will drive companies into larger fields and larger updates, yet the stage is not completely shaped and as nations become completely 5G, that need grows more and more. The stage of PwC with its Tesco failings are over. There will be a setting and those who cannot produce these blockchain references will end up becoming redundant. I do not believe it will be soon, but we will see such setting rise more and more from 2024 onwards. The hardware perimeter will shift and it will shift not fast, but it will shift more drastic than ever before. And governments will push for it, their budgets have become that volatile. We have seen all kinds of optional evidence in the last three months alone and it will only get worse, so the drastic shift seems clear, but that is based on views and there is a stage of presumption there. We can enforce the educated guess, we can deny it or we can prepare for it. Whatever you do, when it does come, there will not be some 3-5 year option, it will hit, it will hit hard and it will hit everywhere. That is what I speculate and it is speculation. 

But see the news today and the shifts we see are all staging change, change in every direction everywhere and the cry for larger blockchain implementations will start sooner, just how soon remains the question. 



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