Pristine and weird

There are times when the dream is nice, really really nice. But nice does not cut it, it was also confusing. I was in some kind of mansion, not a normal mansion. The mansion seems to be in the UK, the gardens around the mansion had a British feel to it. It was the inside. At the very centre of the ground floor was a kitchen, or perhaps better a kitchen combination. Around that kitchen was a collection of cells. Each cell had an entrance part, that would link to reception areas. These would connect to some form of living room which connected to 3-4 smaller rooms. One was for some kind of office manager as well as business executives. It was some kind of consultancy firm, but it all was extremely high end, like the Rolls-Royce of consultancy firms, for the really really wealthy or important ones v(so it looked at least), but that was not what was weird. It was the software that the office managers looked. Its foundation was like a blend of Norton Commander and Norton Utilities, but like it was given to Adobe and they went to town on it. The front page, and everything connected could be edited and maintained to their own pleasure. Headers could be personalised, front screens were adjusted, and all subsequent screens were matched to a personal version. They seemingly all connected to some cloud setting. One manager started with some version of Calendar and a ToDo list. The left side connected to applications that this office manager needed. Different managers hd different profiles. The first one had a green setting, another was blue based, but that level of personalisation is one I have never seen before. It was like Adobe combined its colour abilities in an office setting, complete with dashboarding, database and some kind of presentation software. I saw glimpses of the presentation software, there were Powerpoint/Keynote elements, it had Prezi elements and it was free-flowing. Almost like any part could interact with Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and substance. It was weird and at times confusing, but everyone had its own true free and personalising side. It then dawned on me that most software is all about ‘the company view’, no one allows for TRUE FREEDOM AND PERSONALISATION. Cloud software should allow for this and such a system would be high end, and I reckoned that is why it would be an Adobe setting. On this foot, there is off course the rewarding idea that Microsoft could lose another slice of business, short sightedness and non evolved.  A side that niche players like Adobe with its Subscription software could optionally become a much larger opposition to other cloud system subscription players. A setting of such personalisation has other impacts too. But that is not the exercise of today. I saw files with two part headers, files with a blockchain part, a descriptive part and some time part. It as more than just time opened and time edited part. It had the last 5 edit times, timezone mentions. Localisation points, Computer GPS info, with linked map location (what office). This what I saw was all real next level shit and more important, it was the first time I saw a system that was designed for THE USER, not the propagation of a company. It was really nice, to adjust ANY part to the need of the office Assistant or business unit. An approach I never seen before to this degree, is this where we are going in the cloud? All files a much larger stage of interaction, with block-chaining on every part, an almost forensically secure system. 

Did I glimpse into what could come, what was possible, or did I not look into the right direction? I cannot tell. The mansion was overwhelming. Every business lounge was like a business lounge you see as a sitting room for the rich and famous. It was a confusing setting, but in all this the computers came back. I do remember that one office had an Apple setup, the others had some kind of Sony display, with some kind of super-slim computer attached to the display foot. I had never seen it before but it was no wider then the display foot, I initially didn’t even see it was a separate computer. The 32” Sony display looked amazing. I cannot tell what was more build to impress, the computer or the software both were amazing. And then I woke up.

An interesting sidestep in office software on a new level, a level office software never contemplated before and in this Adobe might have a large inside track, a track players like Microsoft are unable to tread, their ego stands in the way on too many points in such a track, as such, a player like Adobe could win a good chunk of that business. 



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