Two paths to similar stages.

I had an idea today on a different stage of Customer service, a new setting of software, one that intertwines with CRM software and it allows any CRM agent to have a much better grasp of the conversation it is trying to have. The idea came out of nowhere and as my mind was iterating the same idea again and again, it started to add parts, it added ideas and it added concepts. At the centre of that heel was Adobe to some extent, but it was also a new iteration of contact management within CRM. We see the stages that some people state that they have something in that direction, but they do not. They have no earthly idea on what is required there. A stage that allows CRM, Customer Service, Technical support, Marketing and telesales use the SAME data set, but each their own merits, each their own powers and NO ONE has it, not to this degree. I was actually surprised that it took me so long. I worked in Technical support for decades, the path did not dawn on me until today. Actually I have been fighting that concept since I wrote ‘Pristine and weird’ (at on February 24th 2022. You see, I talked on a few settings, but my mind saw that Adobe had a few other options as well and that started the thoughts in my mind, but not to the degree that happened today. Today my mind set out to make a much larger premise and a much larger stage for service locations, for CRM locations and for customer service agents. The stage evolved from nothing to a behemoth. And that stage is essential. I have seen presentations from all kinds of vendors and they keep on designing the same wheel. Why? Why did Microsoft not wake up when they had the chance? Now we see that Adobe has a much larger track setting in several regions on several train (and training) sets. And Microsoft never woke up. Weird, is it not?

But that is merely one side. My mind was reconsidering my article ‘Rings’ (at where I was considering a new approach to RPG games in particular the NPC part. Yet there is a link between the two. If we reconsider the image (from the Arrival), what happens when we ‘see’ these rings as tracks on a stick, but not s a record, as individual rings and they are linked through paths of the NPC character and the emotions that they show. Bright, dark and shimmer modes. Each mode with its own connections to the ring of a word and connected stance of that NPC. Today’s systems cannot cope with this at present but there is no saying what the PS6 will be able to do and even as I give a reflection of what we see, the storage of it will be another puzzle entirely. We need to consider different paths, different approaches to data and to what is available. You see AI is not ready, but elements of it are and no matter the amount of data a NPC faces, when every NPC becomes a shallow circuit, the reality of that NPC will be so confusing to the mind of the gamer, that he will no longer be able to tell the difference between single player and multi player games, because all the NPC characters will become so human and optionally humane that the gamer becomes overwhelmed and there is another upside. The NPC could become linked to any gamer allowing for evolution of that NPC. The gamers will be unaware but it evolves NPC characters still having its own responses, its own actions, but through shallow circuits they become too human to the mind of the gamer. Now take that part and see how deeper learning allows for a CRM setting that gives any agent the top responses that connects to the people they talk to. The Customer Service agent will come from “How can we assist you with answering the questions you have?” The marketing agent gives them “How can we assist you gaining a better understanding of your customers?” The Telesales agent will give them “If we can offer a solution that enables solving this issue, would it become a real solution for you, or is there anything more that you need to enable your targets?” Different department heads, different divisions, one data set and enabled and managed by one manager per division setting the claim of their expertise. Not one system does that, why not? And Microsoft has had decades to go there, but they did not, now systems are going towards the larger Adobe stage and their cloud solutions and when they connect to CRM systems they will have a much larger upper hand than they ever had before. A stage ignored, it was not sales enough, it was not revenue enough and it was no real solution. I have seen all the excuses going back to 1990, yet with the cloud the people were so driven to be on the cloud that they forgot that the customers in the cloud evolved their needs to and when we see Adobe and Amazon Web Services evolve, we see Microsoft falling further and further behind. And whilst Forbes gave us three days ago ‘Zero-Day Windows 10/11 Hack Left Unfixed For Seven Months And Counting’ (at we see that not only  does Microsoft have larger issues, there is every chance they are losing too much ground to remain innovative or iterative for that matter, It seems a larger stage is opening up and Microsoft becomes the joker (it cannot participate in the game of bridge that follows). 

A stage that opens a weird connection between games and CRM, but they are both about connecting to the consumer/gamer, so it is not that weird. 


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