The stage selected

That is what I keep on seeing. Not the slap, not the presentation, not the conversations. The setting of the stage. For me the question remains why Dune was not an option for best Director. This is not the objection to who won, I never saw that movie. I am not debating the winner, not objecting to the winner, my mind is screaming at Dune becoming a non-nominee as best Director. And the competition was seemingly fierce this year. The mind screams when something happens that we cannot comprehend, or perhaps seemingly comprehend. 

And the screams are oud within me because I am not the only one feeling this, the internet has been busy for a while on this and it is not the first time the Oscars are under debate. #OscarsTooWhite, is merely one of many objections over time. So when I see  movie that blew me away, getting 6 oscars that it shined in and is a non-competitor in another category is just a little too weird. Denis Villeneuve outdid any other director ever involved with Dune, he outdid what we expected and he outdid what we could not grasp. So I am not opposing that Jane Campion won, merely that Villeneuve according to me and many many others deserved to be a nomination. It is that simple. When we are confronted with such a blow normality goes out the window, and there is no stopping the confused mind and it is also a larger station, I cannot debate that the others did not deserve to be nominated, according to many they really did, I do not oppose that, perhaps it was as simple as number of votes, and I am willing to accept that those who became nominees just had a few more votes. Still the boggled mind stares out of the window trying to make sense of it. Yet in all this, I also recognise that 007 fans wonder why they only won one of them, it is perhaps the setting of what we think should happen, to what we think does happen. A stage that overshadows us all. In the end we are all slaves to what the mind perceives and I get that, I really do, but the mind still screams and that is hard to swallow, especially when we see a movie that blows us away. Perhaps within ourselves we nurture the populist voice, it is something that is not easily stomped and it seemingly in charge of us to some degree.


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