Predicting Prospective Play

Yup, that happens and I broke the idea in the previous article, yet it does not take long until the MS-groupies have a go at me. Fair enough, I did set myself up as a target when I stated that Microsoft was a done deal, there is no deal because they are done. I reckon that they will be a shadow of what they are now by 2025-2028. They will lose ground, then they will lose support and after that the train goes off the rails. That is how I personally see it. But it is not about Microsoft. It is about gaming and in support of the previous article, there was one that had a decent statement. “It is not possible to make a map that big”. OK, it is his point of view and to some degree he was right. The PS4, Xbox One and the average PC cannot do it (at present). You see, in the next generation it will be possible and to some degree it is possible now. 

Land and its mass
In my example my game will be on an island and I am using the Indonesian islands as an example. So how is it possible today? Well, I could be clever, but someone beat me to it. Hello Games created the solution with ‘No Man’s Sky’. Even as they went in another direction by using parameters to create all these planets, but it is one direction. You see when you use the same parameters the planet will ALWAYS be the same. Now consider the parameters for the island and the more precise the parameters are the more precise the land becomes. And in this setting the IP of Hello Games becomes gold, literally game makers will pay through the nose to get this technology in that shape. The technology could be remade in the new setting, but it makes sense that Hello Games will set the technology up for sale, or for licensing. 

Now use that technology and look at the dozens of car navigators. You then get a navigator on a land that is virtual. The land stage is now close to complete, and most of the technology already exists, so the game makers can look towards massive maps in the streaming technology. 

Is it a tree?
The next IP is an idea I had, but it is depending on created IP (hence it cannot be mine), well perhaps you could (I am busy) because you might be able to get a patent that is “an improvement of an existing idea.” You see, in 1982 Adobe did something astounding, they created postscript. Even now 40 years later it is still close to perfect and unsurpassed, that is real innovation and they did a masterful job on this, there was one problem. It was slow, really slow when printing and over time Hewlett Packard created PCL, and it took HP 13 years to get to PCL6. It is good, but Postscript (by Adobe) was perfect. So where am I going with this? You see, the DNA of a tree is not small but is based on 12 chromosomes and 7 times more DNA. So what happens when someone figures out that setting to create a system that uses a hybrid version of PS and PCL to create the foundations of trees in gaming. It will (should) be the start of a concept that I like to call T2L (true to life), a setting that shows us an actual forest of unique or close to unique trees, no matter how large the terrain. I reckon that there will be some form of fractal idea embedded in that idea, but whomever works it out will have a new technology for gaming. And these two gives us the map and the forests, and more importantly, it will be identical EVERY time you load that game. A setting that people never considered, but streaming makes it possible and more important, it will allow for game maps based on actual maps and it allows for the beginning of a whole dimension of streaming games that have an entirely new point of view on what the size of a map in a game is. 

This does not solve all of it and even with all sails out, it still will take years to work out kinks and a few other parts, but we need to think and we need to focus on the games that will be made for release in 2024-2027, because that is when national 5G will be in decent abundance and whomever has the most original and most captivating game, will rule that market and by that time it will be well over $250,000,000,000 so consider where you want to be, replaying a game with the limits they had in 2012, or do you want to be on the edges of what is possible in 2025? 

Consider that during the next few days and see where you want to end up with your controller. I know where I want to be, in a console place no one has ever seen before.


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