Cerebral Property

My mind shifted towards the Augmented Reality earlier again. My mind had been testing a few ideas and then matching them against the malls I have visited in my life. These malls are in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Stockholm, London, New York, Chicago, Washington, Sydney, Singapore, Munich, and so on. I have been matching what my mind created for Eaton Mall (Toronto), a place I actually have never visited. The YouTube channels showed me the space there and my mind did the rest. So today my mind went to the setting of QRcodes for AR. I considered the floor plans of Eaton Mall (I never seen them), none of the videos stopped to look at a map or floor plan. Funny, is it not? And my mind considered the approach of AR on a floor plan. I then considered the approach of static and dynamic codes. Consider any floor plan (I have seen them all over the world), now look at them with smart glasses. A floor plan, could but wouldn’t need to be static. As you dial the map and scroll, the codes would alter. The selected map (floor) would be dynamic, with the floor below matted and the one below that ghosted. As you move up or down, the 3d map alters its perception somewhat. It would pretend to be hologram, but it is not. Merely the same floors, with a clear, a matted or ghosted version, as such three versions for every floor and the floor we look at will alter the other floors too. A simple approach with a lot more behind this. As my mind conceived that use, and with the idea’s I had for Victoria Secrets, the mind decided to alter an option for jewellery shops as well. Glass plates that had a QR code within and as you place your hand under (or behind) the glass. The piece of jewellery would appear like on your wrist or finger and the nice part is that this could happen if the shop was closed or not. The shop (if open) would still serve you as needed, but as a guy, be honest. Who would not like to his own wrist with a Breitling, or a Rolex on it? And the ladies, their imagination of jewellery is without limit. It gave the idea that a jeweller could have a card, with a code. A code that could alter monthly, or whenever to be shown with glasses that could hold a code that revealed a bracelet or ring under any glass, something to keep with you. A whole market was opening before my eyes. Bookshops that could show 2 pages of a new book, that people could actually read. Food places with a signature dish, the AR field was opening a lot wider and it was my mind that was filling in the blanks, blanks that are currently in abundance as no one is making these jumps and as the world has 116,000 malls, how many businesses are Amazon and Google overlooking? Google is a lot more to blame than Amazon is but you get the idea. My mind is filling up to a multi billion dollar industry, because malls will have to take some steps sooner rather than later. In any place where the workforce is under pressure, you need to find other ways to promote yourself and leaflets are a thing of the past. 

01:15 and my mind is still adjusting to other kind of shops and how they can appeal to an AR developing population. As I watched another YouTube of Eaton Centre Mall, the mind saw so many open spaces and optional spaces to use, because I reckon that a mall can be more than shops and foodcourts. Some malls have cinema’s and what is more alluring than a 5 by 2.5 meter presentation of an epic movie poster you can watch there? The Batman scene as seen below WAS in the Eaton Mall, but that display cannot be everywhere, yet the AR version could be in every mall that has a cinema and not that gimmick, now that picture of affordability changes a lot for so many movies. 

And the mind moves on the new shores, to new places where (seemingly) a place like Google is unable to go (for now). And it is not even 01:30 yet. So lets see what else I can come up with before breakfast. Smell ya later folks!


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