Turned on by a candle

A few thought invaded my mind. In the first the twist I was contemplating for ‘Residuam Vitam’, and I will admit that it was not me who got me there, it was the writing of Hesiod. In Theogony he touched on something and it stuck somehow, it gave me the idea I needed to set the twist in motion and if this works I will have made my footprint in the fields of tragedy. I never aimed for that achievement, but it is nice to make it. Then my mind took a step into a very different direction. The direction of haunted place scammers. Scammers that take historic events and put them in motion to lure tourists and empty their pockets a little. So what happens when it is done with the wrong crowd, in the wrong place? My mind set in motion a place that was haunted. The people were walking in that haunted place, but one of the people was not exactly what he made out to be. He had another flashlight, one with altered LED’s that emit white and blacklight. So as he moved through the tavern he heard something and his hand went into his pocket and the second flashlight came out. There were five other players with him. Three men and two women, and as he moved towards another side of the tavern, he heard noises, then the noises of the couple sniggering nervously. The rest were looking around, he saw that much but not anything more. And the tour guide was next to the entrance door. It was then he decided to try the second flashlight. He switched his flash off and switched on 10,000 lumens with added blacklight. The sight that appeared was almost unworldly. The 6 people lit up like Christmas lights, as were two individuals in black outfits. Yet all that paled compared to the 6 ghosts that suddenly took shape, as well as several weird signs all over the wall. The ghosts were suddenly less invisible and taken aback in almost equal measure, one of them slashed out to one of shapes in a black outfit. The person howled like a little girl, but with a hoarse male voice. The ghosts were doing damage and as he saw the damage occurring, he switched of the flashlight, the symbols were there, but started to fade fast and as the symbols faded, so did the ghosts. There was screaming and people running for the exit, the tour guide leading the exodus from the tavern. 

That is all my mind saw, and it is not part of any of the stories I am working on, so I have no idea where it fits, but the LED field is new, and the occult was always about symbolism, so what happens when these symbols get a different illumination? Perhaps the grandson of Hades will get to face this new challenge, perhaps it will go nowhere, but for now, with the spin expanding and the story of ‘Residuam Vitam’ gaining momentum I feel decently satisfied. Will it become a real mini series? I do not know and to be honest, I am not sure if I care. The story is running its course and it is nearing completion. Time to set the next parts to paper and finalise the story, because that is what I am about, I am in part nothing more than a storyteller, as are many others. And it is the creativity that allowed me to create my IP, allowed me to design new 5G roads and allowed me to set the premise of more. But with ‘Residuam Vitam’ and ‘Keno Diastima’ I feel alive, I created something that might not go anywhere and perhaps some will like the stories I told. Like Hesiod, Herodotus and many others we performed for a small crowd and it made us happy. 

Yes, I have no business comparing myself to these two titans, but if I have seen anything. I doesn’t matter what we are in life, it is what comes next that matters and if you doubt that, consider the law failing the people again and again, governments faltering over Syria, Yemen and Ukraine and those who should do something ending up doing nothing at all, they perhaps fill their pockets. That will be the total sum of their achievements. 

And realising that, I might be a much larger success than anyone even I imagined. 

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