Valuation and validating

It is at times a hard decision to make. We valuate what we have and then we validate. It happens and we all face it in one way or another. Now I have to make a choice. Validation through path 1, 2, 3 or 4. And they all have valuations. The problems is not the valuation, it becomes the likelihood of that valuation to become a reality. You see I do not trust Microsoft (for various reasons), but the stage is also that I will get bobkis from Google or Amazon and Elon Musk is an unknown factor. I kept him on the books because he recognises good ideas and ideas he can monetise. In this case that could work for me and now path 5 is opening up with path 6 attached to it. Now path 6 is Tencent, but they are teaming up with Microsoft, I did mention that they cannot be trusted? Microsoft is a walking failure spinning what they can and finding new partners wherever possible as they are leaking revenue all over the place. The problem is who is in charge? Tencent of Microsoft? That now leaves me with path 5 and there lies the rub. Path 5 is an unknown to some extent, but they will recognise revenue and they recognise opportunity and this one is not oil based. Yes, path 5 is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the IP packages will add up to $17,000,000,000 (and some coins). So the moment I produce the presentations and the evidence the stage is set and my price? An initial $50,000,000 (post taxation) and a few loose items as well as 10% of the rest. That is the honeytrap. It is more than a honeytrap. Once the evidence is given they will hand over the cash for ownership of 90% of this and I have what is needed for the rest part of the journey. The moment I get to that part the rest is simple. It is the first stage that tends to be the larger issue, once this is in motion the rest will come easily. There is nothing like a simple stage of proven evidence to get the train rolling. I have given Google and Amazon ample chance to wake up. They did not and when others get the revenue and these players see what they missed they will reorganise but it will be to no avail. The larger stage is not that, it is to keep the stupidity of Microsoft out of all this. Whenever I see them I see the Smackos chihuahua yapping “Try Azure, Azure smells nice” and I feel waves of frustration. And Microsoft ALWAYS has an excuse ‘Microsoft Blames Ubuntu Update DNS Problems for Azure Services Outage’, or ‘Dodgy Microsoft Azure update knocks Ubuntu VMs offline’ yet these stages seemingly ignore “A few months back, I wrote about the discovery of a series of major vulnerabilities in Microsoft Azure by security researchers, suggesting that tenant isolation in the public cloud — which ensures that each organisation’s data is cordoned off from everyone else’s — may be more in question than we thought.” (Source: Protocol) Now any provider in this field has issues. Yet when we see “As of the end of 2021, AWS retained the top position with 32.2 per cent market share, followed by Microsoft at 30.1 per cent” we need to realise that we see ten times the issues on Microsoft systems than on any AWS system and that is AFTER the media gives Microsoft pass after pass. Any questions on why I do not trust Microsoft? And I am hungry for my millions and Microsoft would endanger that, as such I do not want them around. And when the evidence of the 50,000,000 is given they will all race to get a part of it, but at that point it is not up to me, it is most likely up to the shareholder from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who makes that call and now Microsoft is back in to the race (alas), but that would be the right of the owner of that IP (s long as I get my 10%) and when the IP comes to fruition and the people realise that 50 million was not a maximum, it was the bare minimum and there is no way of telling how far it goes, not with over 2 billion gamers in the mix and I am merely aiming for the 3% mark, the rest will follow after that however there is no way of telling how many will follow. Only a delusional mind makes that claim and I am not delusional. But I am face with choices. The entire project would be much smoother with Amazon or Google, yet now I am faced with a less smooth ride and with more clear assurances I get paid. And that is not a balancing scale, not a seesaw or a wedge. There are a number of issues that I cannot properly see because it is a field that never interested me, I merely am a pawn of the outcome. But 50 million subscriptions implies $500 million a month, should that be $250 million a moth it is fine, it also calls out to millions of gamers who get the news that the new player is 50% cheaper and that starts a new wave (in my benefit), even as I only get 10% of that, it is a hell of a lot more than I have now and it solidifies my retirement fund and my long lasting vacation after that. My last true vacation was in 2002, soo I feel that after 20 years I am entitled to it. It is also making me nervous, you see last year there was an inkling of reality, as such I never gave it much value, but now, now there is a serious chance that this could happen and as such I feel nervous, perhaps it is like a marathon runner who sees the finish line 20 meters head and he also feels the exhaustion and they are weighing battle in his mind. I see the finish line and I see that the other parties will pay when there is a clear indication, something I can show. It is a show that played in my mind for years. And I am almost at that finish line. So as my Twitter peeps are unaware (because of certain issues) we get to see a new path, is it path 7? I can only guess, but I am not seeking a new path, merely hoping that one of the first 5 make up their mind (hopefully fast), a stage that has weighed heavily on my mind. In the mean time I have made a first attempt in the finale (of season one) regarding the grandson of Hades. I think I have worked it out to some extend and that means that the cliffhanger could be the last three episodes and the new story will follow in a 2 episode special. Well, I do not see it that way as it I a story and not scripted for TV, but that could be how it plays out in the end. It was when I remembered a fountain in Rethymnon, that started the path  I am on now. As such it becomes more than just the stage and Demeter. I got the surprise guests lined up and now I need to set a stage to get Hephaestus involved, and I think I found that too, in Athens no less. But it is not where the stage is, yet the stage is not the play (not in this case) it is becoming the journey to an arena and that has my attention, just like the paths of IP, this path is there, but it is easier. It merely includes my creativity and that I have to spare (at present). In this I am not entirely original a happy fellow named Plutarch aided me in a few momentary lapses and that drive is now a much larger drive because of it. And there is a second benefit, if the funds come through I can focus 100% on the writing of this tale, as well one other project I have on the shelves (for now). And in all this the validations and valuations are only easy and adhered to when they go our ways, isn’t that interesting. The mind abhors bad news, or negativity on what one creates. Is that not weird too? You might say no, but all life is part positive and part negative and as we go through life, the negative parts are equally driving, so why avoid them?


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