Beyond the nightmare

Yes, there is always a beyond the nightmare side. I was watching two things. Earlier today I watched a dreadful video, the voices were out of synch and that was the best part of the video. Then later I rewatched the second Downton Abbey movie, yes the one with the France scenes and the camera crews. And it also took me back to the movie Singing in the rain. Then it occurred to me, there are so many silent movies, so many examples. As such I am a little surprised that Adobe and the other players do not have an assortment of training materials where any Vlogger could train precision in sound insertion. It is a simple exercise and the people would have some sound dialogue but after that it would become their own materials. It could open all kinds of new materials and with the millions of GoPro Hero 10 and now GoPro Hero 11 out there, there is a pressing need for them to up their materials, to differ from the average vlogger. And as I was seeking, I saw nothing out there, or at least way too little. So why aren’t some considering what is needed, what some need and why they aren’t covering it? I want to say ‘Do I have to do everything?’ But the reality is that I cannot be the only one thinking this. I do wonder when we will see the storm-flood of new, larger and higher quality vlogs. Now there are plenty of really good vlogs out there, but we can never have enough high quality vlogs, now can we? 

As such Sunday is drawing to a close (it’s 23:49), as such Monday morning is a mere 600 seconds away.


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