As nightmares go

Yup, we all have them and I am no different. Yet this one was not that scary. I was walking and avoiding some big guy lobbing at me with a baseball bat, spiked no less, the size of an outdoor lamp post. And soon thereafter I got the upper hand and won, so I was facing not a real nightmare. It took a minute to realise that I was in some boss fight, but that is when The game changed for me, the second fight was the same guy, the same area and the bat seemed more menacing. But that was before I realised that he hat hit one of the potted plants and when I passed the plant, I slipped. I got up in time to avoid the bat on the head event and I took to running to keep my distance and my mind started to scream ‘This didn’t happen the last time’ and suddenly I realised that this wasn’t really a nightmare, it was a point of revelation. You see I fought and killed so many bosses in so many games, the mind realised that the boss fights are close to identical every time you face that person and that was the weird setting. What happens when bosses have an added edge? When you face them again added difficulties are faced making this a real boos fight? Environmental elements, weapon facings and challenges. The boss gets to be stronger, to be quicker to be smarter and there the environment works for him, not for you. Count the games that offered this, I cannot come up with one version where this is an option. There is no ‘New Game +’ or another setting where the people we face have added skills. Adding this could prevent grinding from becoming actual grinds, where boss fights to get more and more powerful rewards to be given that at a cost. It is a setting no game offered, why not? It is not the most of novel ideas and over the decades of gaming I never saw that brought to life. In all this no one is asking the question why. I believe that streaming games offer more and could offer more still, although this implementation could be an option in console games too. So whilst my previous IP is now at 3.0 with two additional products, I took a gander and added something to gaming as well. So whilst Google is leaving the area and we are left with the nobody Microsoft and Amazon and its moonshine, it is the Amazon device that has the option to gain 50 million subscriptions and make the Microsoft show how irrelevant they have become, and I merely added a new side to boss fights to games and make the Microsoft solution even more irrelevant. I believe it is time for my morning coffee and I do believe that I earned a muffin to boot. 

Blog more later readers.


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