Another fine mess I got myself into

Yup, a paraphrased line from Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. It is still in part true. I got yesterday’s IP and created a second iteration making it more and more innovative. It was already innovative, but I want to stretch the IP to its maximum. Yet there was also the printable display. Even as a concept it is worthy of pursuing and improving upon. The initial part is not merely the materials used, but how they are applied. You see, if I can make this solution a little more flexible, than they could fit a column. I checked dozen of mall video’s (not just the one in Toronto) and I saw that there are options for hundreds of columns. So there could be a market for thousands even tens of thousands displays. The printable display was a solution with 1-2 markets in sight, but now I see that there is a much larger application if only part of the solution could be set to a more flexible mould. It is not out of the question, but I tend to focus on longevity. The solution needs to work 5 years from now and that is a rather tall order when the foundation of the display is too flexible. So I got myself into a little bit of a mess. I can see the solution, but not what materials are best to be used for the flexible display. I still have v1.3 (non flexible printable display) yet my soul is greedy for the cerebral victory, I have to solve this. And solve it I will, but that is the mess I got myself into. 

A such my mind wanted to travel all over the place and see what else is possible, but to be honest. I do not really have to the first version of the printable display is optionally fine and is close to becoming public domain. It is a setting where I feed the hungry small fish public domain, a setting that the larger fish cannot have and they become jealous and wonder what else I have and now we have ourselves a clambake. You see I feel certain that when the larger firms see all this IP pass them by, they will suddenly decide to wake up (a speculation from my side) and suddenly they are all interested in all the other stuff (except for the military applications, they are DARPA and DARPA alone), OK, that was not quite true, one solution was handed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because if Europe and the US will not deal with the Iranian navy, I reckon that the KSA was entitled to this freebee. In addition with the Russian threats, when they act on them the snow-globe solution (see previous blogs 2021 and 2020) becomes public domain too. I have to let then know that there are people who do not now and not ever trust Iran and those willing to act will get the ammunition they need. Which off course implies that I got myself in additional settings that relates to ‘That’s another fine mess I got myself into’. As such I tend to get myself in plenty of messes, but for now I am focussed on getting my printable display to V2.0, which should be enough, but the mind yearns for challenges and it seeks new frontiers to investigate. I will let it do its stuff, it is how I got the latest IP in the first place. I have no idea what the value is, but I actually do not care. The larger station is now my streaming solution that could entice well over 50 million new subscriptions. It is enough for now. 


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