The pallamaglio consideration

I was doing nothing important. Watching another Easton Centre Mall video and I suddenly realised something. You see, I created the IP for printable displays last year and I suddenly realised two things. The first being that a printed display is not rigid (but it could be), as such it could be placed around a column and Easton Centre has dozens upon dozens of unused columns, so there are options there.

Now, this does not apply to all malls. Yet for some reason I was looking to a large open section and  my mind flashed over the Chinese drone presentation. Now drones and malls do not really mix, but something stuck and that could be a much larger application. And less than an hour later I had the foundation for an entirely new IP. I will have to check a few things, but as far as I can tell it is not there yet, so I have another piece of IP in the making. And this too does not apply to all malls, but it does here and at least two other malls I visited in the US. So the application is larger than what I see, and optionally a lot larger than anyone considered. I will need to set some hardware and the IP I have in mind to another format and I will have the making of new display technology in a little wider format. I wonder how I can set the framework. The main part is in 6 parts, then there is the app to manage and test the event. And an app for analysing and creating the display part. The display hardware could be nearly any new gaming laptop. These are the small parts. The 6 parts are almost created in my mind, there is one additional side to one of the parts, but I reckon that I have that in hand as well. So in a little over an hour I created a whole new IP, and more important, an IP I never looked at, a direction I merely ignored for all kinds of reasons and as such it fell right into my lap. So I reckon that I will add it to my IP bundle 1 if it ever sells. I know the optimistic part tells me that it is not ‘if’ but ‘when’, yet the non-takers are adding up and I am still a little weirded out that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia did not react to the fact that one part added up to well over $500,000,000 per month. Yet perhaps they are too rich too consider something that small? Amazon and Google seemingly reacted to that same degree perhaps it is my choice in aftershave? Well there is still the UAE and their action towards the Metaverse might optionally work in my favour. Anyway, that is a different issue. For now I have a new IP, not a bad days work, even if I do say that myself.


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