Ridley to the rescue

Yup, another weird night. It was the setting of a movie, but one that my mind created. The story starts in the Sahara, two opportunists are looking for whatever they are looking for. And even if they do not realise it, they find it and one of them gets stung. And it is then that the other person takes the high ground and they make it towards the city and medical attention. The first two symptoms happen within minutes and they know it is serious. As one gets difficulty breathing and 

muscle twitching they know that time is essential. It is on route to the city when they notice a dozen of abandoned portocabins, they decide to have a quick look, hoping for something to ease the pain. They find nothing bus skeletons, nothing was left except a microscope and some books. They also notice the cave behind the portocabins. It looks cool and they go in to cool off for an hour, which would help the sick man as well. It is then that the neck and eye movements, the drooling and sweating starts, they decide that the sick man stays there, to remain cool and calm, his friend will race towards to city to get help or medication. It is on the way out that the healthy man notices a box in a corner. It holds books, notebooks and some kind of drive. He takes it all and races to the town. When he gets into the town there is panic all over the place, people are panicked and he makes it to the hospital, which is nothing more than a small extended clinic. He seeks help and asks doctors for help. They are all too busy. An intern tries to help him but they are dealing with patients with nausea and vomiting, high blood pressure and tachycardia. All signs of scorpion stings. He tells the intern that his friends has the same and also tells him where he is, stating that he is willing to get the medicine there himself. The intern tells him that they ran out the day before, but if he is in a cool place than he has a decent chance, the poison needs to run its course. He accepts that and races back only to find his friend now dead. He leaves and grieves. He looks at the corpse and walks off. When he gets to the town he moves to the port and books a room towards Italy, he pays cash and the captain accepts it. When he is in his room he takes his notepad and is able to get data from the drive. It is some medical journal to create people with small parts of scorpions so that they can better deal with the heatwaves that are coming. They succeeded, but they also made the people a bit more aggressive and less rational. He reads this and realises that his friend died from an experiment. The journal states that they decided to burry the cave with explosives and those dozen experiments were buried alive. He then realises what happened. At that point they are stopped by the Italian coast guard. They are all questioned and he hands over what he found, but not all. He tells them that the drive was in a porto-cabin, and he was unable to connect to the drive as it is a simple notebook for making notes. The coast guard officer accepts this and takes the drive and the man asks “Is it worth anything?” As his American passport is in order the officer states that he will not go to prison for this and walks off

It is months later, the pandemonium has simmered down, the tropics are silent, the man is now in Northern Canada as scorpions do not relish the cold. He is sitting by the fire and ponders the loss of his friend, then the knock on the door and a man walks in, his friend, now with deep black eyes and a 5th arm coming from his lower spine. The stinger isn’t pronounced, but it also holds two hands. He looks at the friend “Caspar?” The man replies, that was once my name. I know what you did and thanks to you we won the war, the people are now diminished. We will let you be here, we do not like this cold, but I had to come see you. I owed you that much. Not much of a wealth is it? Without you it all seemed meaningless, the adventure was fun because we both did it, alone there is nothing. Caspar nodded. I will not offer you this life, there are harsh rules and I cannot make an exception for you. So you can stay here, safe. Know that you can travel through my lands without harm, but the lands are now a lot more dangerous and life remains unbalanced. In 5-10 years the temperatures will lower and we will pull back to the deserts. The rest is for what remains and that is not that many, so you have a pick of palaces, but in the end it will become your mausoleum. Life as it was was never going to be great, governments squandered so much, so little is left. 

Good luck to you and good luck to whatever you do next and with that Caspar left the cabin leaving a grieving friend to ponder at the fireplace. 

Well that was when I woke up, well I woke up when he went to Northern Canada. The rest I added whilst writing this part. I hope you enjoyed this short tory and if you want to make more of it, good luck.


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