Advertisement led the way

I started the day fine, but then I started to play some game and the irritation began. ?Not the game mind you, but there is a game called last fortress and the advertisements do not reflect the game, not in the slightest. But there was an upside. You see, they dug themselves a treasure and they use it for ads. How silly is that. Consider a game like Dungeon keeper and combine that with Fallout Shelter and you have the beginning of a new stage of gaming. 

You start in a house. As you secure with traps the rooms become available, the better the defence of that room, the better your chances. In the first room (the bathroom) you gain the option of water. As you proceed (via ducts) to scout the rooms you will get the kitchen (food), and that is when you get your first addition, a cook. So there you are growing as a scout, a fighter or an engineer, you will gain skills. But one touch from a zombie and it is lights out, forever. 

So as you complete a house, the added people become in-crowd but only for a while. The more they grow, the more they are inclined to stay, so the cook needs to cook, As such you grow your crew with an electrician a trap maker, a plumber, a fighter and so on. And as you go to the second house you get an additional room to create, a little like Dungeon Keeper, but the setting is more like Fallout shelter, although isometric in view. And the ads show that there is interest, so the makers are looking at a whole lot of revenue coming their way. What surprises me is that no one figured that out, it wasn’t that much of a leap. The larger issue is to find an option for microtransactions without making it mandatory, that gives the greatest boost and the longest time of revenue.

So as the game progresses from houses to apartment buildings, warehouses, shopping centres and all with their own challenge. I reckon that the hardest level (location 25) leads to a stage where we get more of the same, but now the risk of breach becomes larger, so it will be about a tactical approach much more than before. That didn’t take long did it? So when the others catch up, you might optionally be making the next addiction on mobile, tablet, PC and console. 


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